coupon code for Cole Haan website???

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  1. :crybaby: I can't seem to find a coupon code that works for free shipping or additional money off sale stuff...
    BTW, the 'Haute Holiday' thing doesn't go through anymore...I'm trusting you wise cole haan fans will be in the know!!

  2. I'm looking for the code too, I hope there's one out there!
  3. Thithi what bag are you looking at!?!?! I'm using mine today...:p
  4. ^ I'm actually in love with a pair of shoes, the Rhea D'Orsays in black. They look like great work shoes! I love the Cole Haan bags too, they so adorable!
  5. Emmy, I'm wondering what you mean by "using mine today"...???I'm hoping you just forgot to put a code in your post.