Coupon code for Apple conditioner?

  1. I thought I saw a coupon code for the apple conditioner a few days ago-does anyone have one? I want to buy some and want to get the best price I can-thanks!
  2. At, enter the special promotion code "Mothers Day" in the "promo code" box on your order form and your 20% off discount will be applied to your order.
  3. Thank you very much!
  4. greendrv, thanks for the code. i need to stock up!
  5. how do you apply appleguard?? & what does it do exactly?
  6. me too, i was gonna ask the same thing... do let us know.. thanks.
  7. does anyone know how apple garde compares to wilson's repellent spray? I'm getting the apple conditioner and wondering if i should get the apple garde spray also?

    I've used wilson's repellent spray on my lambskin leather jacket and it was great but I have yet to spray my bags with it.
  8. apple garde spray is a rain and stain repellant spray. you mist it ~6-9" away from your bag all over it.
  9. I've only used the AG products, but others like the Wilson's spray as well. The AG Rain Garde spray is used to protect the naked vachetta.

    I have both the AG conditioner and AG rain garde. I am going to try the Wilson's when I run out of the AG. I use the AG conditioner on older bags that already have a patina. It cleans as well. It also works GREAT on the interior of PTI wallets and that type of leather to clean it and give it a nice sheen. It smells good too.
  10. thanks freetoes,
    i should place my order before the code expires.

    I was feeling brave earlier and I used this leather cleaner/conditioner I bought from Nordies a while back (I've cleaned my boots and lambskin purse with no problems) so I decided to clean the vachetta handles on my ellipse. Upon immediate saturation, it darkened b/c it was wet but then lightened as i wiped it off. Does feel smoother but didn't take dirt off. I will defintely try the apple cleaner now.

    Also, what is the difference btwn the Apple Leather Cleaner and the Leather Care?? Both say they clean leather, so is Apple Leather Cleaner a more aggressive cleaner while Leather Care mainly conditions???
  11. Good question. I have only used the AG Leather Care which is a conditioner and does clean a little. I would think the cleaner is just that, a cleaner.

    Is your patina dark or is it a vintage bag? I have used a good Saddle Soap (used for leather saddles) on an older noe, on the bottom, and it didn't take off the dirt completely, but it did look much better.