1. Anyone watch the British series Coupling? I saw an episode in college and I fell in love with it! (It called My Dinner In Hell . . . Steve thought Susan's parents were being a LOT more inappropriate than they actually were. Susan's parents are more open to talking about things so when they tried to talk to Steve about whistling, they were actually talking about whistling. Steve thought they were talking about masturbation.)

    The American series wasn't as good, though. I get what they were trying to do, but it didn't work. (And "crotchless underwear" is a lot funnier in an English accent!) At the time, though, I didn't get the channel the UK series was on so it was like, "Beggars can't be choosers."

    Once the American version was cancelled, I bought all four seasons on DVD.

    I don't have a favorite character, I love them all in their own way. Susan and Steve are the typical couple and then they have their weird friends: The self-absorbed Jane, the neurotic Sally, the constantly horny Jeff and the womanizer Patrick.
  2. Sally: [Trying to explain to Patrick what platonic friendship with a woman is] What do you call people you go out with but don't try to sleep with?
    Patrick: [beat] Men.

    Steve: You think that if you kiss a woman, your mother will emasculate you with a miniature guillotine?
    Jeff: I know. Mothers, eh?

    Jeff: Well, it's kind of hard to tell isn't it 'cos you tend to fast forward if anyone's dressed. Sometimes I forget and do that with proper films. I can get through a lot of movies in an evening.

    Jeff: I love the word naked, it's brilliant isn't it, 'naked'. When I was a kid I used to write the word naked on a bit of paper hundreds of times and rub my face in it.

    [Susan is about to show the others one of her breasts]
    Susan: Well? Which one do you want? The left one or the right one?
    Patrick: The right one.
    [to others]
    Patrick: Trust me.
    Susan: Why? What's wrong with the left one?
    Patrick: Now, don't be like that. There has to be a second place.
    Susan: Well, I wasn't aware you were judging them individually!
    Patrick: You were asleep! I was bored!

    Steve: This is not, I repeat, *not* and American sitcom!

    Sally: [singing] I'm Susan the happy trotting elf! I trot and trot and bounce and bounce and smile a lot and that's what counts! I'm Susan the happy trotting smile a lotting elf! I'm polite so just for clarity, when I'm cross I say "Apparently!" I'm Susan the happy trotty, smile a lotty elf!

    Jane: [over the phone] Steve, I've gone to a dinner party and I'm accidently naked!
  3. Steve: [about what Jeff said to Audrey Watkins at his flat warming party] The worst chat-up line in the history of sex "You're so beautiful you should be embalmed".

    Jeff: So you dump her and she does this suggesting thing?
    Steve: Yeah, I’ll be just about to leave thinking I’m finally out and she just leans over and looks me in the eye and goes ‘I’m wearing stockings’.
    Jeff: No!
    Steve: And she’s never worn them before, not once in the entire relationship. I begged.
    Jeff: Yeah, but Steve, you're entitled to her stockings.
    Steve: Am I?
    Jeff: Yes. You'r still in the zone.
    Steve: The what?
    Jeff: The boyfriend zone, this is the tailing off period. You still have a load of stuff at her flat, you might still have a wedding to go to together. Your under joint names in your friends address books.
    Steve: And that means I’m entitled to see her underwear?
    Jeff: If it comes up. That’s the rules of the zone. Good luck in there Steve!
    Steve: You’re a strange and disturbing man, Jeff.

    Jane: Friendship is more lasting than love and more legal than stalking.

    Jeff: I mean, where exactly do you take your socks off? My advice is to take them off right after your shoes, and before your trousers. That's the sock gap. Miss it, and suddenly you're a naked man in socks. No self-respecting woman will ever let a naked man in socks do the squelchy with her.

    Jane: Vegetarianism for me is about saying yes to things, even meat.

    Jeff: Steve, it’s a bad idea to actually count women’s breasts. The whole bus stares at you.

  4. I love Coupling -- the situations Jeff gets himself in are hilarious!
  5. I know! And that "WHAT!?!?!" thing Steve does when Jeff tells him his little theories!
  6. Oh that's right, Jeff's theories are sooooo funny!
  7. I love this show! I have all of the seasons on DVD. I thought that the ending of the show was a bit abrupt.
  8. I love this show too. I have all the DVD sets. I was hoping for a Series 5 but I heard that wouldn't be happening. I did, however, find this on another messageboard:

    On the Outpost Gallifrey internet message board, Steven Moffat provided some short storyline "conclusions" for those wondering what became of the Coupling characters:

    "Sally said yes to Patrick, they got married and are very happy... especially as Sally beat Susan to the altar, and finally did something first. Patrick is now a completely devoted husband, who lives in total denial that he was anything other an upstanding member of the community. Or possibly he's actually forgotten. He doesn't like remembering things because it's a bit like thinking.

    Jane and Oliver never actually did have sex, but they did become very good friends. They often rejoice together that their friendship is uncomplicated by any kind of sexual attraction - but they both get murderously jealous when the other is dating. Jane has a job at Oliver's science fiction book shop now - and since Oliver has that one moment of Naked Jane burnt on the inside of his eyelids, he now loses the place in one in every three sentences. People who know them well think something's gotta give - and they're right. Especially as Jane comes to work in a metal bikini.

    Steve and Susan have two children now, and have recently completed work on a sitcom about their early lives together. They're developing a new television project, but it keeps getting delayed as he insists on writing episodes of some old kids show they recently pulled out of mothballs. She gets very cross about this, and if he says "Yeah but check out the season poll!" one more time, he will not live to write another word.

    Jeff is still abroad. He lives a life of complete peace and serenity now, having taken the precaution of not learning a word of the local language and therefore protecting himself from the consequences of his own special brand of communication. If any English speakers turn up, he pretends he only speaks Hebrew. He is, at this very moment, staring out to sea, and sighing happily every thirty-eight seconds.

    What he doesn't know, of course, is that even now a beautiful Israeli girl he once met in a bar, is heading towards his apartment, having been directed to the only Hebrew speaker on the island. What he also doesn't know is that she is being driven by a young ex-pat English woman, who is still grieving the loss of a charming, one-legged Welshman she once met on a train. And he cannot possibly suspect that (owing to a laundry mix-up, and a stag party the previous night in the same block) he is wearing heat-dissolving trunks.

    As the doorbell rings, it is best that we draw a veil."
  9. ^ Thanks for the snippet!
  10. i watched the short lived american version, i thought that it was alright. i also watched the british version but i didn't get some of the humor but that's me. i only liked certain episodes though.
  11. I love this show, i also watched the american version but it wasnt as good, british one is much much better!! I gave my dvd's to some of my friends but they didnt like it as much, i guess you have to live in england even for a little bit to understand the humour. I used to Live in UK and maybe thats why i enjoyed it so much.
  12. Yeah, my dad saw a little bit of this and thought it was silly.

    Hehe . . . I always thought Jeffisms were hilarous, but I love Steve's rants! Especially the ones about naked women and cushions. (Two different rants, two different episodes.)

    My favorite episodes are:

    Sex, Death and Nudity
    Jeff initiates Steve and Patrick into the "giggle loop" while Jane and Susan and Sally swap dates for Jane's aunt's funeral.

    Jeff: Only an interview? What if I panic? You know, what if I say an accidental word... there’s pressure, you know, the wrong word could just pop out of my mouth by accident... Nipples!

    (I love when the guys were playing Resevoir Dogs!)

    Susan has discovered Steve's 'video collection.' Jane brings her therapist to a dinner party, where the main topic is art vs. pornography.

    Jane: I'm an emotional vegetarian. I know a lot of vegetarians and we tend to like the same films.

    Steve: I want to spend the rest of my life with the woman at the end of that table there, but that does not stop me wanting to see several thousand more naked bottoms before I die, because that's what being a bloke is. When man invented fire, he didn't say, "Hey, let's cook." He said, "Great, now we can see naked bottoms in the dark." As soon as Caxton invented the printing press, we were using it to make pictures of, hey, naked bottoms! We have turned the Internet into an enormous international database of naked bottoms. So you see, the story of male achievement through the ages, feeble though it may have been, has been the story of our struggle to get a better look at your bottoms.

    Steve: I like naked women. I'm a bloke. I'm supposed to like them. We're born like that. We like naked women as soon as we're pulled out of one. Halfway down the birth canal we're already enjoying the view.

    Steve: It's one of the four pillars of the male, heterosexual psyche: Naked women, stockings, lesbians, and Sean Connery best as James Bond because that's what being a boy is.

    Jane: Vegetarianism for me is about saying yes to things, even meat.
  13. My Dinner In Hell
    Steve bumps into the beautiful celebrity he has always fantasized about, and Jane and Sally's attempt to make friends with her gets him into trouble.

    Steve: If music be the food of love, then masturbation is just a snack between meals.

    Jeff: Steve’s whole fantasy life revolves around Mariella Frostrup… If he ever meets Mariella Frostrup in person his right hand will shout 'mother!'

    Her Best Friend's Bottom
    When Steve pops into Susan's apartment, he accidentally sees Sally's naked bottom.

    Junior shop assistant: Why do girls like you always have boyfriends?
    Susan: Because I have acute nymphomania and my own brewery.

    Jeff: Stage One. The prickles. You can feel the prickles starting all over your face. If you just think the word blush, your head will inflate to three times its normal size. And then you realise you’re not saying anything. You’re stuck on pause. And you’ve forgotten how to work your face.

    Jane And The Truth Snake
    Jane gets sacked and embarks on a new career in children's entertainment while Patrick dumps his latest girlfriend. Until she mentions threesomes . . .

    Jane: I had a moment of madness... I’ve taken an overdose.
    Sally: What?!
    Susan: Oh my god!
    Sally: You’re not serious?!
    Jane: I’m so sorry, I just couldn’t take it anymore.
    Susan: Oh Christ, call an ambulance!
    Sally: Yes!
    Susan: Jane, listen to me. You’ve got to try and stay conscious and you have got to tell me everything you’ve taken.
    Jane: Paracetamols.
    Susan: How many? How many did you take, Jane?!
    Jane: Two.

    Jane (on the traffic report): Now drivers, before we go any further, let us start with a big mediation and an induced road congestion. So come on everybody, close your eyes!
    (cars are colliding down on the streets)

    Jeff: Steve, it’s a bad idea to actually count women’s breasts. The whole bus stares at you.

    As Jeff approaches his 30th birthday, he has a close encounter with his new boss in a closet at work.

    Jeff: I'm full of sperm!

    (I love the striptease he does when he's blindfolded, thinking he and Julia are alone in the room together! I love that "SEXXX!" he does! And I love the look on his face when he takes the blindfold off and discovers his friends and coworkers are there to give him a surprise party!)
  14. Faithless
    Jane finds herself competing with the Supreme Being of the Universe. Jeff finds himself a rabbit in Wilma's headlights.

    Jeff: I havn't said anything to Julia yet.
    Steve: You just said "Hi", there's nothing to tell her.
    Jeff: There's alot in "Hi".
    Steve: There are two letters in "hi".
    Jeff: Yeah, and I hit both of them like a crazy fool!

    Jeff: When God made the arse, he didn't say, 'Hey, it's just your basic hinge, let's knock off early.' He said, 'Behold ye angels, I have created the arse. Throughout the ages to come, men and women shall grab hold of these, and shout my name.'

    Remember This
    Are Patrick and Sally suffering from a case of arachnophobia?

    Jeff: You know jelly-wrestling... which is basically jelly with women wrestling in it... OK, well, think about this. Afterwards, after the wrestling, what happens to the jelly? Because you could sell that. That is a missed opportunity. You could bottle it and sell it... You take the women out first, obviously.

    Jeff: Steve, do you realize what I've just invented? Porn Jelly! The human race's two most favorite things meet at last in dessert form. There's a lot of lonely people out there, and what do lonely people enjoy? Puddings and porn! It's a girlfriend in a jar, except its jelly!

    The Girl With One Heart
    Sally is lonely, unhappy and unfulfilled. Then she goes and spoils it all.

    Steve: We are men. We are different. We have only one word for soap. We do not own candles. We have never seen anything of any value in a craft shop. We do not own magazines full of photographs of celebrities with their clothes on.

    Jeff: Sally could be a lesbian! ...It could happen! She could be having a shower maybe. and probably Jane would be there. And she might happen to say, 'Jane, could you help me soap my breasts?'. 'Your breasts, Sally?' 'Yes, Jane, it's those tricky undersides.' 'Oh, I know what you mean, Sally, breasts can be a real dirt-trap.'
  15. Bed Time
    Since the dawn of time, men and women have been falling in love, and men have been trying to get home straight afterwards.

    I posted it earlier in this thread, but in this episode, Sally was supposed to sing a special song to get Patrick to stay over night. What was PLANNED for her to sing was All By Myself but instead, she sings this:
    I'm Susan the happy trotting elf! I trot and trot and bounce and bounce and smile a lot and that's what counts! I'm Susan the happy trotting smile a lotting elf! I'm polite so just for clarity, when I'm cross I say "Apparently!" I'm Susan the happy trotty, smile a lotty elf!