Couples Therapy Season 2

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  1. Anyone watch?

    Couples are

    Courtney & Doug (16 y/o, Green Mile actor)

    Simon & Alex (RHONY)

    Shana llama & Nick Richie (Bachelor & The Diry)

    JoJo & his wife Tiny (KC & JoJo)
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    I can see Simon and Alex are acting.

    Courtney and Doug are famewhores. And to think, he had a really bright future as an actor.

    Jojo needs help for his alcoholism first, before he should even think about getting relationship help. His alcoholism is the root of all the other issues. I feel bad for him, because he was a great singer. Real talent.
  3. Was only able to watch 5min when I got home this morning. Courtney's laugh is so annoying I had to stop watching.

  4. Apparently that's what JoJo is in for, the bottle is destroying their r'ship and he has all kinds of health issues. Really sad cause like you say he had crazy talent
  5. So that is JoJo, wow, I wasn't sure from the promos for the show. He looks really bad, guess the drinking must be really bad. I will have to watch when they re-air the episode
  6. Ok. Now I'm confused, is he in for alcoholism or his relationship or both? Because I think his drinking should be a whole separate rehab, off cameras. This is his 2nd go-round with reality TV and his drinking. It's not doing him any good.

    If he can't deal the drinking, he'll never be able to have healthy relationship with his wife, kids and other family.

  7. I'm gonna say both because what they said was that the bottle was intefering with their r'ship
  8. Ok. I see.

    I want to feel for his wife, but I'm having a hard time. Because she met him drunk, first date he was drunk, he proposed drunk.... You get where I'm going?

  9. Oh yeah he said all those exact same things last night.
  10. I thought while on rhwnyc Simon and Alex said they met on an international dating website? Last night they said they met while he was in NYC in business.

    Here it is:
    Alex and Simon met on the dating website,, 13 years ago — and they got married one year and one day later.
  11. :roflmfao:

    Okay Simon, you wanna explain yourself? We know he reads this site.
  12. Cracks me up that Courtney/Doug and Nick/Shane have been married longer than 72 days. Especially Nick/Shanae who married 8hrs after meeting
  13. Yeah, didn't Alex say on the first season or two of RHoNY that Simon and her met online and they were both looking for something not-so-serious? I remember Alex telling Bethanny that.
  14. Ok. I'm glad I'm not the only one that remembered how they met. Wonder why they are changing their story now?
  15. I remember that, I also remember discussing here on TPF which site they met on.