Couples that LVoe Louis Vuitton

  1. lol hillary and hayle duff:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Zac with damier cles is hot!
  4. Does it have to be celebrity couples? If not, then my husband and I are in. We're both addicted to LV!
  5. Wish I had a DH that was addicted to LV!
  6. That pic with Efron makes me miss the the Kendall :crybaby:The new Taiga duffles are just plain fugly.
  7. I like Nick Lachey's bag :tup:

  8. Me too! My DH loves the Men's shoes and I get to borrow them occasionally!
  9. oh I so wish my SO was addicted to LV! I'm jealous! lol
  10. I like Nick's body:drool:

  11. AMEN!
  12. lmao. from lv to nicks body?

    how about vanessa's boobies? and her overly grown ficus tree? :throwup:
  13. Nick does have a nice body! Overly grown ficus tree?? LOL I almost spit out my drink reading that :roflmfao: