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  1. Any one watching? I am just starting to. The location is so beautiful.
  2. I just started recording the show. The guys and the girls are so good looking, well maybe not the guy the other night. He looks sleazy lol

  3. Hahaha that was my reaction too! I was watching it with my friend and we both thought he was sleazy. Also I felt really bad for Imari but I feel Alicia did the right thing. I would never want to be someone's second choice.
  4. I'm now watching.. I only watched cause I saw it was filmed in Anguilla and I stayed at those bungalows yrs ago. Loved Anguilla!
  5. BTW, Alex is a bit WOW
  6. Ahh you are so lucky. I watch just so I can admire the bungalows and the villas. They are so beautiful and the water, everything, absolutely gorgeous. I wish I can go and stay there one day.

    Hahaha I watch this show and unreal with my neighbor every week and we both have the same reaction about Alex. She definitely is quite out there.
  7. #7 Jul 26, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2016
    Yes it's a beautiful island and experience. The bungalows were so cool. It's changed since I visited that tiki bar I don't recall it. The woman that ran it. Just coolest person. I think I know where the villas are. But I was there like a long time ago.

    Omg Alex- when she cried I'm like chile wth!
    I will die laughing if she ends up over at the villas with the dude she broke down for

    Dominique was soo sour geez felt sorry for her guy.
  8. Yes, that must have been such an amazing experience for you. I hope to experience it one day. Hehehe yes, it seems she fell in love with almost every guy there! My neighbor and I also feel that she will make a move on Alicia's guy. That will be absolutely terrible!

    Oh gosh, yes, Dominique, why. She was so mean to her guy. Didn't even want to cheers when everyone was! I felt bad he got sent home.
  9. It was. Hope you go soon! You'll love it!

    Lmao wow I'm watching the epi with Tyler and Alex is gone total nuts.

    Granted Alicia was a little shady but Alex is grade A nuts..

    Lisa was sketchy doing what she did. Granted it worked out for the other girl but still shady way to start things.
  10. Thank you so much. I love the Caribbean and have been to several islands but all on cruises so basically only for a few hours in each island. I want to do what you did, go to Anguilla and stay in those pretty bungalows, swim in the gorgeous turquoise ocean .

    Haha that episode was uncomfortable to watch. I didn't know what to think. Alicia was giving them time but came back and acted shady and then Alex went way over lol. Did you watch the episode of that guy who picked Alex and the other girl, they took him to the villas and completely abandoned him . Poor guy ended up just leaving the show

    Oh God, yes, that was extremely sketchy what Lisa did! I felt so bad for that girl. Hahaha then when her ex and son came, my neighbor and I, we both couldn't stop crying. I really hope that family is back together again and work through whatever they have to, together.
  11. Those bungalows are actually called Arawak inn or hotel or something close. You'll love it!

    lmao I saw the epi when the guy got pissed and left. I felt he was rather dramatic about it. Yes the girls could have introduced him but the guy could have been less dramatic.
  12. Thank you so much for telling me this. I will look it up. Hehe I already asked my husband if we could go there. So inviting, cannot wait.

    Hehe yes, he really was quite dramatic. The model he had picked along with Alex I thought was absolutely stunning.
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  13. Did anyone watch the finale? Urgh so mad when BT and Ashley broke up
  14. Haven't seen it but BT had some apparent issues..

    At first I loved them, but you started seeing some cracks.
  15. Anyone else suspect that maaaaybe Tyler's gay?