'Couple Wallet' decision...

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  1. I am so :confused1::confused1::confused1: now...

    I wanna get a long wallet but I do not understand why all branded wallets like LV, Hermes, Chanel long wallets are all so huge & wide. I prefer long wallet size are like Pierre Cardin or Renoma wallets (don't know whether have you all heard of Pierre Cardin/Renoma cos is not branded). But the Pierre Cardin or Renoma long wallet size was the best and just right for me. However, I am not gonna downgraded to any non-brand wallets since I am using a Zippy Coin Purse now.

    Next I want the wallets to be unisex as I want my bf to use the same one as mine... LOL!! Is kinda childish but I like it to be able to 'Couple, Couple'. We are gonna change our cell phone to the same also another decision between iPhone 3G or Xperia X1 (able to suggest anything?).

    Ok, back to topic, I was thinking of Brazza wallet so I can get the Damier one and he can get the Graphite Damier. But it is just so huge. I like Brazza wallet reason being it holds card in vertical ways. Unlike the sarah wallet which I also like but I do not like the Sarah wallet of holding the cards in horizontal way.

    I also like the French Purse especially now with the upcoming new vernis color. But is so expensive. 2 vernis french purse is enough to buy me 3 Brazza wallet. Also, will it be too gay (no offence to gays) for my bf to use french purse? I believe he definitely will object to the french purse as the kiss-lock snap maybe too girlish? :P
    Also will vernis tarnish? All I can say is I am a very rough girl.. Very..

    Gosh, I do not know how.. Decision ppl...:yes:

  2. Honestly, if the other brands work for you, l think you should stick with them....l have heard of PC.. not the other one......You have said the Brazza i a no go, also the french is not good for a guy, the vernis is fine, but would he want the new colours or the older ones maybe Amarante...why dont you buy what suits you, and buy a key/change holder for you and a key holder for him in the Damier or Mono. As for vernis and wear, l have found them to really hold up, to wear.....l wish you luck in your search for your couple thing, you must let us know what you decide :smile: x
  3. Thanks alfieback for being the only reply I have got.. I don stick with Pierre Cardin, that is the wallet I used in my Secondary School life and I am no longer interested to go back there. I am using LV Zippy Coin Purse now as I had mention in my 1st post and am very use to and stick with LV. As I really like its indestructible material... Thus I am looking for wallet in the LV line.. Thank you for ur advice.. You have been a great help.. :tup:

    My bf already has a Damier Geant Pochette Cles
    Me a Monogram Zippy Coin Purse
  4. Ok, what about the Alexandra or Tresor...they are nice nice 5" not 7", also a nice one, that you BF might like is the Elise..l think thats it....thats very functional :smile:...have a look at those :yes:
  5. I know PC, lot of people here buy that brand but I don't like it, because....they are very simple. Anyway, What about the Koala?But then if you want to exchange with your boyfriend then I would recomend the koala or elise wallet in monogram, although maybe they are a little small