Couple quick questions!!

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  1. =]

    Does anyone know how much an Epi Speedy 30 is?

    and does anyone know if the new red epi comes with gold or silver hw?
  2. $890.00, I just bought mine a couple of months ago and it has silver hardware =)

  3. The older red epi used to come with gold hardware (check eBay for them!) and the newer red epi comes with the silver hardware. As for the Epi speedy, I'm not sure how much they are considering is out of stock on them as of now. Check back on to inquire the amount.
  4. Ok, that's too funny.......I was just coming there to ask the exact same question! :yes:

    Thanks for asking for me! ;)
  5. Ohhh, nice! I'm getting the 30 in black. Do you like the size? I have alot of Speedy's and they're all the 30, but I've heard that the Epi Speedy runs bigger than the Mono?! I pick up my bag tomorrow.....also got the Multicolor scarf to tie on the front of it!!:yahoo:
  6. Michele - I only have 30's too! I LOVE 30's!! I haven't compared them all side by side, but yeah it does seem a little bigger. The only problem with mine is that it has a weird smell.. lol :confused1: :shrugs:
  7. Thanks for the quick reply! :yes: I'll have to make sure to "smell" my bag before I leave LV tomorrow! :shame: Hoping I :heart: it as much as I think I will. I just might "have" to come home with a Mono Speedy 35 too! :nuts: There is just something about the Speedy that I love!! :love:
  8. Aww, they come in silver hardware now? That kinda bummed me out, thanks a ton though!!!
  9. Oh I must add, its still gorgeous.
  10. the epi 30 is actually 35cm in length while the 25 is 30 cm in length.
    Why they are bigger then the mono/damier, no idea but they are bigger.