Couple questions about Julianne

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  1. I ordered a Claire last week. She arrived and now I am questioning if she is too big for me. The bottom is about 12", but the top goes up to about 16". I think I would like it better if it stayed at 12".

    For those that have the Julianne, is Julianne bigger or smaller than Claire? I'm trying to figure out if I would be happier with Julianne. I have looked on the bay and the sellers all list different measurements for the same bag (12935). Makes it hard! Some say 12 1/4 x 12 3/4", some say 15".

    Does anyone know the actual measurements and if it is a bit smaller than the Claire? Also, does it have the wonderful shiny cowhide leather that a lot of Madisons have?

    Thank you for your help ladies!
  2. Also, what would you pay for a leather one? I know this is very subjective, I'm just curious if I am in the same ballpark as others. :ty:
  3. I think Claire is a little larger than Julianne-- will take a pic and get back to you. At least Claire feels bigger, and I actually prefer my Claire as a result.

    The Julianne does have the shiny leather similar to the rest of the Madison line.
  4. Cashmere - you have both? A pic would be great! Thanks!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. And you know, now that I've taken the pic, I think they're honestly pretty similar (if the Julianne isn't a little longer in the end). But I have the Julianne filled with packing (for storage) and the Claire filled with my things (heavy wallet, gloves, winter hat, etc.), which might be weighing her down a little (?).
  7. I always thought Julianne was a bit taller (which it looks) but Claire looks wider (like a rectangle but with the top pulled wider than the bottom)...
  8. Awesome! Thanks for the pic! The Claire looks shorter in the pic, but I think it is about 11" and the Julianne is supposed to be 12-12 3/4"? That's what I get from people's bay listings anyway.

    I really like the Claire, but it feels a little too big for me. I was hoping that the Julianne would seem smaller since it is 12" accross all the way up, unline the Claire that gets bigger as it goes. Decisions decisions. . .
  9. Cashmere, do you know of the Julianne is only 12" across all the way across?
  10. Cashmere is right they are about the same size.. The difference in these bags is the shape. The Julianne is straight up and the Claire points out and it gives it more room..

    I have th Juianne but not the Claire for that reason.
  11. I think at outlet, at best the Juliannes were about $180 range. I think I would go for Julianne over Claire based on structure and ease of carrying. I think I am biased because I got Julianne and when Claire came out I really didn't like the new sideways shape. The Julianne does slouch some when you fill it up and some people don't like that. It might bunch around what you've got in the bottom unless you have a notebook or file of some sort to keep its shape.
  12. On a whim, I searched the Coach website for Julianne. They still have the info on her. Coach says she is 15x13x5. They say the Claire is 12x11x5.5. Guess the Julianne is technically bigger.

    I love the shape of the Julianne, I just wish they had a smaller one, or a smaller Claire for that matter. I am head over heals for the shiny cowhide black leather they use on the Madison line, but I already have a Sabrina and an Audrey and I don't really want a Maggie. Everything else is a bit big for what I like to carry.

    Thanks for all the help ladies!
  13. That's a great comparison picture...thanks for posting that!
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    I have a black op art Julianne, and a grass leather Julianne and a few Claire's. I am 5'2" and feel much more comfortable carrying the Claire. Because of the depth of the Julianne, it is sometimes difficult to find my belongings in and the Julianne feels big for me. It took me a while to get used the size of both of these bags, but now I love them. Lots of extra room to put books, magazines, and even my netbook in, in a jiffy. In some ways I think the Julianne has a more classy look to it because of the rolled handles, though. I think they are both wonderful bags that will always be in style. I bought and returned two Juliannes before I actually decided she wasn't actually too big for me. I loved the Claire right from the get go though.