Couple of quick questions about the Herbag!


Aug 6, 2013
So i'm going to coachella this year and am in desperate need of a practical not too in your face type of bag. I recently found a couple available via consignment and was hoping some of you could help me out!
The bag is the Hermes toile Herbag Tpm and I was wondering how much you can fit in it? Would their be enough space to fit my phone a water bottle and an extra thin shirt if need be or will the Tpm be exploding?
The other one was the herbag ado in chocolate which I'm currently leaning slightly more towards just because I can tell it's a little more spacious however I do like the colour of the toile more.
Any thoughts on convenience and things like that from some owners would be amazingly helpful!
Also if it makes a difference this will be the only bag I have with me as I'm coming from Canada and don't want to have to have 4 bags to rotate through and worry about being stolen. (except for my duffel travel bag of course :biggrin:)

oh p.s the Ado is $675 where as the toile is $545, I mention price because i'm a broke student so I want to make sure I get my moneys worth !
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Dec 29, 2011
The problem with both Herbags is the top part has to be empty and flat so you can secure the 2 side straps in the middle "button". I'm guessing the Herbag Ado/backpack is also in small size, so I'm not sure if a water bottle will fit in there, unless you get a small one.
The other thing you have to consider is if you're comfortable having the bag on your back, due to security reason. Backpack for me is more convenient to carry as it leaves you completely hands-free but for traveling, I'd rather carry it on my front than risking curious hands inside it.
I only have one Herbag also in Toile and in black canvas for the interchangeable bag/ black leather, but it's the bigger size. One thing I'm not crazy about the bag is that the side straps are quite troublesome to put on and off. Other than that, I like it. :smile:
Can you go and take a look on both bags ? I'd always strongly suggest that, so you can play around with it and see which one is more practical for your need.
Good luck on your decision!