Couple of questions...

  1. DH saw a bag at SCP and from his desciption I can't figure out what it is and we were just wondering if one of you experts could tell us the name. :shrugs:
    It was about 10 inches long by 7 inches high...had a zipper down the middle...two handles...two pockets on the front and he thinks it was leather and canvas? Why can't I think of any bags with pockets on the front? :shrugs:

    Also, in looking through my A/W 2006 scarf booklet I saw a picture of the scarf "Les Parisiens". Do my eyes deceive me or is there a dachshund in the upper left hand corner? :nuts: If so I think I *need* this one! Any info about this scarf would be appreciated. Thanks! :flowers:
  2. It sounds like the Caravane Horizontal but the zipper going down the middle makes me wonder if it is. I just checked my scarf booklet, and I can't tell about the dachshund in the corner--can't quite make out what it is; that would be very cool if it were a dachshund!
  3. CB: I am not sure about #1. I can only think of Kelly sport on that one.
    #2..I looked so hard that my eyes are prob strained..I don't see a dachshund..only the dalmation at the bottom. :shrugs:
  4. It's the Kelly Lakis that has the two zippered pockets but the rest of the description doesn't fit. I cannot imagine the two handles thing...?
  5. My only guess is the Kelly Lakis?
  6. Im stumped....and i miss my dachshund:crybaby: ...
  7. Thanks everyone! It's not the Kelly Lakis (he knows that one LOL) hmmm I wonder what it was? :confused1: He drew a picture and I am stumped! :shrugs: He's going to call his SA and find out on Monday.
    I'll have to check out the scarf in person. :yes: I'd love to find one with a dachshund. Thanks again!
  8. Hi Crochetbella- I looked at the scarf in the booklet, and I do see a small, short-legged dog in the upper left hand corner. Has ears like a dachshund, but a little hard to tell. I have a Border Collie, and if Hermes made anything with a BC, I'd be definitely interested too!
  9. I have the new Les Parisienes scarf and it is indeed a dachshund in the top left corner. There is also the dalmation, several men and the rest are women of various ages. It is a stunning scarf. They are coming in pink, teal, graphite, red, blue and black. (there may be other colors but these are all the ones I remember)
  10. :yahoo: :yahoo: Thank you!!!! It was the Caravane, Orchids. Thanks for the pic!
    And thanks for the confirmation of the doxie Gazoo and Milou! I need to get this one! :yes:
    Thanks again!!!!
  11. Get on the phone NOW! I had to really twist arms to get mine and was told they were ordered in limited supply. When you get it be sure to let us know!!!!

    The red background one was especially lovely, very blue/redish.
  12. Oh thanks Gazoo, I didn't know they were limited. Oh no!!! :wtf:
  13. I was told that by 3 different boutiques, hence my post urging you to order one quick.
  14. Got out the jewelers loop. It is indeed a dachshund.

    How sweet of your husband. Love that he is looking out for you and trying so hard with the description.

    Good luck - You'll have to let us know the end of the story...