Couple of Pics Of Posh

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  1. :yes:
    285992557_a2334cde64pp.jpg poshy12.jpg
  2. She's so beautiful.
  3. :girlsigh: Sooo beautiful
  4. She a lovely woman...but I always wonder what she looks like just hanging out...not posing...I have never seen her in a natural state! Even when she has on casual clothes..her hair is done like she on her way to the red carpet and she just ....well.... is always posing! lol...oh well...thats just who she is and thats cool...I do realize these are meant to be posed pics..however.. ALL of hers are! :smile:
  5. ^ I bet she would look even better because we could relate just 1/100000 more?? I would like to see her stripped totally (not naked... well maybe?? JK)
  6. I love that first pic!
  7. she looks weird to me, even a little fake, always very angry looking never just "chill"
  8. She looks too "done" up but I still think she has great style! I bet she would look as great if she never used the fake tan.
  9. Love her!
  10. 1st pic is stunning .. 2nd is scary :x
  11. beautiful!
  12. Gorgeous!
  13. I agree with you on that.:yes:
  14. her fake boobs are annoying.....just too obviously fake.
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