Couple o new bags - Wrap Artist and Bag Check

  1. Was very lucky to get good deals on a couple of Tanos, the Wrap Artist in peacock.... beautiful color of blue, and nice detailing on the black leather detail. There's no outside pockets on the Wrap Artist and the strap reminds me of the Boogie strap. The Bag Check is in brunette and is my favorite of the two. LOVE the bag and the color is just scrumptious. Both have tan cotton lining. The strap is unfinished underneath, which I love. Uploaded a couple of pics of both.

    IMG_2796.JPG IMG_2797.JPG IMG_2798.JPG IMG_2799.JPG IMG_2801.JPG
  2. Oh Joan...those look like a couple of GREAT additions to you collection! I really like them both!

    Congrats on the new additions! Pet you boys for me!
  3. Hi Joan! Love your new bags and I love the cotton lining. Beautiful color that brunette. Enjoy
  4. Nice!
  5. Great new bags! Enjoy! I like your irl pics better than the stock pics!