Couple loses job over S&M holiday

  1. They were working hard for their money....,25197,23036706-12377,00.html

    From correspondents in Berlin | January 11, 2008

    A MAN and a woman in Germany lost their jobs after pretending to be on a training course while taking an S&M sex holiday at their employer's expense.
    "We've never had a case quite like this before," said a spokeswoman for a labour court in Dortmund today.
    The pair who worked at a Dortmund retirement home said they had been at a further education seminar in eastern Germany, for which their employer duly paid.
    But after a tip-off, the home found out the middle-aged couple had actually taken a holiday apartment used by devotees of sado-masochistic sex near the Dutch border.
    When the couple denied they had skipped the seminar, their employers took them to court. The pair agreed to resign when it was found that the training course had never taken place.
  2. Hahah I can't believe that!
  3. Wow . . . it's not the S & M that bothers me (although that's not my cup of tea) it's the using of someone else's money without their knowledge to pay for it.
  4. what's s & m...dont laugh. I have no idea what that stands for...ive been sitting here for like 5 mins thinking of all the things it could stand for...its not making sense.
  5. Sadism & Masochism - google it if you want further info.
  6. ^^ The combination of the two is sadomasichism.

    Essentially, S&M is people who get off on inflicting and/or recieving physical/emotional pain.
  7. Okay first the Masturbation Marathon in Copahagan, now kinky seniors. What the heck is going on in Europe?? :roflmfao:

    And it's actually S/M there is no "and".
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. They deserved to lose their jobs!