...couple 50's pics

  1. Here are a couple pics of the 50's style Purse-onality was talking about in a different thread.
    red 50s.jpg Copy of blue jumbo 50s.jpg
  2. Thanks for posting these for us to enjoy...
    There lovely, but I'm not much of a little hole fan or maybe it just that there are some other chanels I really really love and these I just like.
  3. the red one looks alright, but I am not crazy about all those "dots".....that blue one IMO is so not worth that price tag. but thanks for constantly showing us pics of the latest bags! That really keep us informed!
  4. Oh! thank you so much for sharing. Finally, I can see what it looks like. I'm not a big fan of perforated leather.
  5. I actually like the red bag......very different and modern take on the bag
  6. Thanks for posting! :yes: I still prefer the normal flap without the holes. LOL
  7. bags are okay but I LOVE the avatar! My 2.5 yr old twin boys have Supieman jammies!:love:
  8. I think I'm starting to like them!!!! Thanks for posting these pictures!!!!
  9. The style is nice, but the little holes kind of remind me of band-aids. I know--a terrible thing to say! Sorry!!! :shame:
  10. Those are TDF!! Thanks for sharing!
  11. i love the red one!
  12. I actually like the Blue Jumbo! Different, but with the classic stylings of Chanel! Thanks for posting these.
  13. This style is slowly growing on me, but I don't think it'll ever be where I actually buy one. Something about those little holes turn me off. I keep thinking "It's such beautiful leather, why would anyone do this to that?"

    On another topic, I wonder about whether the holes affect the durability of the leather. Do things poke into it? Do the holes distress with time? With my luck, my PHH will think it's funny to poke his pen into the holes or something like that.
  14. Bleh! Don't like perfo AT ALL! But thanks for posting.
  15. I wonder how the perfo will age... will it catch all the dirtyness from my hand?