Country Club Tote and the tale of two flowers

  1. Hi Ladies, I recently purchased the Country Club Tote that I had flirted with for months. I would try it on with each visit, but always left it behind as I joyfully brought home my latest love. Not too long ago a fellow tpf'er posted a picture of this bag via Chanel. This rekindled my interest, I called and checked on this lonely tote and sure enough "she" was still there unloved. I quickly told my SA to hold her and I went to get her in double points day (yay!). I was filled with mixed emotions as I remember her being the darker green as in the Chanel picture but her green was a tad different, but still beautiful none-the-less. So, home with me she I have been playing with her to see how she gets along with my wardrobe and other bags, she has yet to make a official debut out. I then decided to try the scarf and flower as in the Chanel picture....shock of all shocks!!!:wtf:

    Many of you who buy the RTW probably are "ok" with the "flower" costs but I about fell over at the $395.00 cost for the Chanel silk flower:wtf:. I went ahead and purchased it along with the scarf (a more reasonable $195.00). Now, I have to say I don't really feel the silk flower is worth $395.00, I wonder if any other silk flower of nice quality in the same color(s) would achieve the same effect? I have looked on online an found the same color(s)- white with pink but in a rose not the Camellia type of flower.....

    So, I have posted the various pictures of the bag, starting with the Chanel picture, my pictures without flower/scarf and the most recent shots this morning of bag with flower/scarf.

    To me the flower in the picture by Chanel looks more like a rose and fluffy than the Camellia flower and though I tried to fluff up the various layers of the Camellia flower, it is really flat, but would it be Chanel blasphemy to use a different flower?

    Let me know what you think...:confused1:
    gchanelcountryclub.jpg IMG_5278a.JPG IMG_5297ZBAGCOMPLETE.JPG IMG_5300FLOWERCLOSEUP.JPG
  2. I prefer it without the scarf/flower. Its a stand alone beauty. Great purchase!!!
  3. Oh I love it with the flower and the scarf, what a beauty! Congrats!
  4. Use a different flower!

    I also look at those flower pins at sale time, when they are half price, and they still seem too expensive for what you get.

    By the way, I love that bag!!!
  5. :nuts::nuts:OMG!
    I have no flower input ..but gees, Your bag is gorgeous!
  6. hi Purrrfect!
    I like it with the flower and scarf but I really can't justify that price on a silk flower esp when I think that if you add a few more $$ to the flower's price you can easily get some C/shoes over the sales in December!;)
    BTW I think the bag and just the scarf will be great together too!
    Congrats on all of them!:yes:
  7. Thanks ladies...I feel the same way the flower it is insane...I told my SA that I was more than likely bringing it and possibly the scarf back, I just wanted to play with it all as a combination and see what it looked like together IRL.

    I might buy a silk flower elsewhere and see what I think, because I saw some white roses with soft pink highlights for $20.00 online....

    $395.00 :nuts: $20.00
  8. So gorgeous!! I love the color and the shape.
    I'll go along with the others -- I'm from the "less is more" school. I like it without a scarf and/or flower.
  9. Love your bag, is beautiful and you wont see to many people wearing it which to me in a big:tup: but I do agree about the flower and get some shoes instead:graucho:
  10. So cute, congrats!
  11. I would definitely buy the $20 silk flower online. The Chanel flower is not worth $395, and you can put the amount that you save towards your next Chanel purchase. :smile:

  12. I think I would prefer the bag with the only the scarf, no flower. Congrats on finally bringing her home with you!
  13. Yeah, I so agree - back it goes Monday...I thought it was insane and disappointed that it did not "look" that great....maybe for $395 I expected it to smell like a real flower...LOL!:p I'm not sure what I expected but... $395 wasn't it. :wtf:
  14. I agree - for $395 that flower should smell good, be covered in crystals, hang around your neck and should have at least 9 different uses. Get a different silk flower to use on your spectacular new bag and save the $$ for a beautiful Chanel bangle or new bag.
  15. ^^:roflmfao::roflmfao: