Countless People Hurt In Sugar Refinery Explosion in Georgia

  1. Wow ! How awful !
  2. Truly shocking.
  3. omg this is terrible news. i`ll have all of them in my prayers
  4. that's so terrible, i hadn't heard about this yet since i've been studying for a sociology test all night and haven't turned on the TV. I've never heard of Port Wentworth, but I've been to Savannah many times and absolutely adore it. The people that come from that area are almost uniformly warm, wonderful people that are perfect representatives of all the positive things that the South has to offer.

    Come to think of it, I was supposed to go to Savannah tomorrow for a work convention, but had to drop out because of this test. I wonder if this will effect the others' plans so far. Closing the Port of Savannah is pretty huge, a lot of imports come in to America there.
  5. That is so sad. I'll keep them in my prayers.
  6. Holy cow.. that is awful.
  7. 6 people are still missing.

    People don't realize the impact of this blaze. In that town, this sugar plant was the source of income for so many families. On a greater scale, many of us who live VERY far away are supplied the sugar we use in our home from this exact company. This will in turn touch many lives very far away.
  8. My prayers to all involved.