Counting the seconds until my MC Alma arrives :)

  1. I'm so crazy :amuse:
    I couldn't decide which bag to buy as my 2nd LV... I expected, that it would be a Joséphine PM (my all-time-love :love:) or a Papillon 26 in Damier or maybe Mono Canvas... but I was absolutely sure, that it won't be an Alma in Multicolore *lol*

    Guess what I just bought from a MyPouppette-Seller...?

    A black Multicolore ALMA and I'm absolutely satisfied :yahoo:

    I never liked the shape of the Alma and I thought that the MC-line is too colourful for me and looks cute only on smaller pieces like wallets or the Pochette. But now... wow, I can't wait to get it :love:
    I'll post pictures as soon as it arrives :shame: (probably next week, the seller is located in the UK).
    I'm sooooooooooooooooooo excited right now :amuse:
  2. Congrat's on your new purchase :smile:
  3. Congrats!!!! Can't wait to see pics of you w/ it. Enjoy!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  4. Hehehe I love that smiley you used LOL. Congrats!!
  5. Very cool! Congrats, looking forward to the pictures!!
  6. CONGRATS!!! Great choice!!!:love:
  7. The black MC Alma was my first "big" LV purchase :biggrin: I was so excited to get it from eluxury...and I had also been waitlisted for one at the boutique, so I actually ended up with 2, LOL. Gave one to my grandma. It's a great bag, you won't be disappointed! :heart:
  8. I have the MC black Alma as well. Congrats!!
  9. You will love that bag! Congrats.
  10. aw i love the multicolor alma.

    enjoy it!
  11. Congrats!
  12. pics pics pics... i luv the alma... !
  13. Thanks @all :flowers:
    I got a mail from PayPal, the money arrived friday... So I'm hoping to get a mail tomorrow, that says the Alma is on her way :yes:
    I'm dying, I can't wait to use it :nuts:
  14. congrats !
  15. please post pics when you get it...i want that bag :love: