Counting my chickens before they hatch...

  1. So, I'm going to interview for a promotion tomorrow morning, and I was thinking that if I ended up getting the promotion that it would be grounds for me to treat myself to some LV. I only have one piece right now, which is my mono speedy 30 that I bought off of Let Trade in January. I'd like to get something from the boutique, and I'm debating between two different options. Please let me know what you think would be best. Thanks!

    Option 1: mono french purse
    Option 2: Cles (not sure which) and damier azur pochette $285 (if I can find it...)

    I guess I should be focusing on not bombing my interview, but it's way more fun to daydream!!

    Thanks again!
  2. Oooh get the cles and azur pochette.
    Good luck tomorrow at your promotion interview :balloon:
  3. I would go with option 1. good luck on your interview, I hope you get it.
  4. option 2!!
  5. I'd go with option 2 for sure.
  6. my vote goes to option 2!
  7. I'd do option 2!
  8. Good luck and my vote is for option two.
  9. Good luck! I'd choose option 2.
  10. Option no 2 :smile:

    and good luck with the interview. I hope you get it.
  11. option 2! good luck!
  12. Option 2 def. Good luck on your interview!
  13. if you are being considered even for the interview for the promotion that's good.

    Thinking about LV is good for you now, it is relaxing.

    Then tomorrow you're wow'em in the interview.

    PS: option 2

    best to you!
  14. Thanks for all of the good luck wishes. You all are the best!!
  15. Cles & Pochette!!

    Good luck on the interview!:yahoo: