Counterfeits made in same factories as authentic LV's?

  1. I love my Mom, but she and I have rather different priorities when it comes to designer bags. I love 'em and will spend my hard-earned $$ for them. She thinks it is a ridiculous waste of money when you can buy a well-made, well-designed, very attractive and functional all-leather bag for hundreds less. To each her own. This is NOT a rant against my mother -- and I'm warning you all right now, I don't want to read anything nasty about my mom. I just needed to give you the background for the conversation. Oh, and she is a very well-educated and well-read woman. Her daily newspaper is the NYTimes or the Washington Post, not the National Enquirer.

    On to my question: She was visiting from out of town this past weekend and yesterday she and my two teenage kids and I enjoyed lunch together at a sidewalk cafe. I had my Damier Speedy 30 with me and pulled over an extra chair to set my bag on so I wouldn't have to put it down on the (horrors!) sidewalk. At some point during lunch, some conversation came up about my bag. My 14-yo DD asked me how I knew it was real. I said it was real because I bought it myself at an LV boutique. (Okay, I ordered it from elux -- same thing.) My mom said that she had read that they make the fakes in the very same factories as they make the real ones. I told her I couldn't quite believe that, since from what I know, LV and other high-end brands spend millions of dollars hunting down and promoting criminal prosecution of those who counterfeit their goods. She said, "Well that's what I read." I didn't want to get into an argument so I dropped the subject. But, I wonder... is there any truth to this? I think not, but who knows? Anyone?
  2. Glad you had a nice visit with your Mom, but in general, you can't believe everything you read in the print/mass media etc., and especially about designer bags.
  3. I don't believe that.
  4. Sounds like an Urban Myth to me. It makes no sense. LVMH is one of the most aggressive companies when it comes to nabbing counterfeiters...doyou really think they would tolerate it goign on in their own factories? I dont think so.
  5. Yeah, not to my knowledge. From the articles I've read on fakes (done by Harper's Bazaar and the LA Times), the fakes are made in sweatshops and many are made by children for pennies a day (which is also part of the reason why many, not all, fakes are so cheap). If you watch the video on the LV website, it shows how the bags are made and sewn in the nice factories; I would find pretty hard to believe that fakes are made in the same atmosphere.
  6. How can you actually believe that hand crafted bags and luggage from FRance are also making fake goods of the same product?? {{{ sigh }}}
  7. i really doubt this for vuitton, but there are some other brands that do have sweatshop factories, where i wouldnt be surprised if they did do this. They have to get paid somehow. But I have heard about it before, it may just be an urban myth. But def NOT for a LUXURY brand.
  8. I have heard this too. I really hope this is not true. If it is though i bet that it is where the extremely well represented fakes are made. UGH!!:sick::throwup::throwup::throwup::throwup:
  9. My mom and i are the same...........Nope fakes are not made in the same place as real........they are made in factorys in China(mostly)

    Why would they be made in the same factorys?
    When you compare the handles of a fake bag to a real,you can spot on the fake....because its not the same material.
  10. yeah, *definitely* an urban myth!! that wouldn't make any sense. the fakes are cheap because they are either mass-produced in factories (not carefully handcrafted), employ child labor, and made in China. from what I heard (from at SA at LV in Rodeo Drive) LV only has factories in 3 countries--in France, Spain, and in USA (San Dimas, CA).

    i don't deny though that your Mom probably did read this somewhere. Maybe some blogger online (i.e. the same kind of person whos claim that a replica is "just as good as the real thing) made that claim to try to justify the production of fake handbags.... i don't know.

    I guess the moral of the story is that you can't believe everything you read. I had an friend (who was MIT grad student, read NY Times daily, subscribed to the Economist, etc) tell me that the reason he rarely bothered to recycle cans/bottles was because somewhere he read that "it actually costs more energy to recycle them than it does to make new ones." :wtf: yes, he actually believed that because he supposedly read it somewhere (probably was somewhat willing to believe it, so he'd have an excuse not to make the extra effort to put a Coke can in the recycle bin). so yeah, you can't believe everything you read, especially now in the internet age where articles of pure rubbish abound cyberspace.
  11. Sounds like a myth to me. :yes:
  12. I highly doubt that!
  13. i've heard that about other companies, but def. not vuitton...
  14. That's a bunch of BS that counterfeit supporters would like us to all believe. I've heard that one before. It's amazing how gullible people can be.
  15. Who would believe that? It doesn't even make any sense at all...

    Tell your mom that's not true at all.