Counterfeiting - blech!

  1. I have been going to the gym and there is this classy woman there who brings her Chanel bag with her around. I figure, Ok she's guarding the thing. I think it is gorgeous bag, so today I told her how beautiful it is and what is the style by the way.
    She said it is a bowler - and then told me it was fake.

    Howshe got it on Canal Street and was invited into the back room.
    Then other people started chiming in on how they buy fake LVs etc etc.

    Bleech! Ewwww! I was told that it is a back room thing and this fancy-fake-Chanel woman crawled thru a hole to get to the secret palce.


    I went straight to Chanel today to look at the bag for real and considered it along with another LV.
    But I had to get that icky image out of my mind.

    I do not think some people are aware of how supporting the counterfeiting industry is just bad for the economy, society, etc.

    Ok, I'm done now.
    Hmmmm, now on to more pleasant topics...thinking about a new bag!:drool:
  2. Oh my, people sometimes just aren't who they seem to be eh??
    Personally, I would like to check out one of these "back rooms" someday...definitely NOT buy anything, but just to have a look. My sister said that, however, if I were to go to the back and not buy something, they may think I'm undercover or something so...yeah, I better not ask to go to the back rooms if I don't plan on buying anything! I guess I'll never be able to go to one of those!
  3. Crawled through a hole? WTF?
  4. I would not crawl thought a hole to a fake store.
  5. LOL I was thinking the same thing! LMAO

    So she had to humiliate herself more by doing that and then by carrying it!
  6. LOL I don't know how I missed that entire part about crawling through a hole...well that is definitely a NO then! That's so...low. And I cannot believe those women would actually chime in to admit to buying fake LV.
  7. EW! :yucky:

    I work in the Wall Street area and they have fake Guccis, Coach, and LVs laid out on the sidewalk. Its horrible.

    Canal Street is fake bag headquarters. I can't believe people actually pay more than $200 for a fake bag! :cursing: And people are proud to admit that its fake...ugh gross!
  8. i have a sudden image of a woman in a pinstriped business suit and pointy-toed pumps crawling on her hards and knees through little more than a wormhole :lol:
  9. :yucky:
    & umm crawled through a hole...literally? :wtf:
  10. $200 for a fake?! Ugh!!! Don't they know how much it accumulates? Save up if you want the real thing!

  11. Hahahaha. :lol:
  12. I sadly been to canal st. My friend ,and my couisn in seperate occasions dragged me down to Canal St. I remember seeing a chole paddy bag for $300... I was stunned. I remember some person walking us 4 blocks to go to some dark alley. Its pretty scary,I dont understand why people purchase fake things!
  13. :wtf: I so totally don't understand why anyone would be proud to carry a fake?! Oh, and the hole's just so :weird:

    But seriously, why aren't the VERO people doing anything about Canal Street then if they haven't already (sorry, please correct me if I'm wrong cos I'm not even in the same country :P )? I'm sure someone from VERO could go incognito and buy a fake and maybe nail them syndicates...ok, maybe it just sounds all too simple and IRL, I know it's much more complicated than that. But IIRC, LV did sue a China street market for selling fakes (oh yes, all the shady business about going "upstairs" through a dark staircase and all to get to the store...) and won the case...If they can afford to keep increasing the prices, surely they can use some of that $$ to fight the fakes! :cursing:
  14. It boggles my mind that women would brag about buying fakes. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that it's illegal to make them and that everyone loses out in terms of rising prices on authentic goods. Who do they think they're impressing? It's classier to carry a plain leather "no-name" bag than a cheaply-made, cheap looking fake!
  15. ITA 100%