Counterfeiters busted!

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  1. tooo bad they didn't give enough info!
  2. Busted!!

    It's good to hear someone's cracking down on counterfeits!
  3. :tup::yahoo::wlae:
  4. Score another one for the good guys! Take that, fakers! :police::busted
  5. Well good for Suffolk County!
  6. I was really happy to see this in my local newspaper today. It's nice to see the fakers getting punished!,0,4065593.story

    Couple charged with trafficking counterfeit goods


    Call the fashion police.

    A Roslyn couple who authorities say trafficked in more than $2 million worth of phony Burberry, Gucci, Coach, Louis Vuitton and other luxury labels are now modeling no-frills jail couture, accused of felony trademark counterfeiting.

    Rakesh Kumar, 50, and his wife, Poonam, 45, of Center Drive are being held on $100,000 cash bail at the Suffolk jail on charges of buying and selling high-end counterfeit handbags, clothing and shoes, authorities said.

    The couple warehoused the merchandise at a Farmingdale building, Suffolk police said. They were arrested Thursday by detectives from the Suffolk district attorney's office, Suffolk Fifth Precinct officers and state police investigators.

    With warrants, police searched the couple's home and their business, Globe Enterprises. There, the police seized luxury handbags, clothing, shoes and other knockoff merchandise bearing the counterfeit marks.

    The trademarks involved also included Enyce, Lacoste, Polo, Rocawear, Prada, Chanel, Ray-Ban, Kanga, MLB, NFL, NBA and Coogi Jeans.

    Records seized by the police show Globe Enterprises and other Kumar-operated businesses made more than 200 payments totaling $1.5 million from January 2007 through February 2008 to wholesale distributors of fake merchandise, Spota said in a statement.

    During the search of the couple's Roslyn home, authorities seized approximately $150,000 in cash and financial records, the police said.

    The couple are facing charges of felony trademark counterfeiting and misdemeanor criminal simulation. They face a maximum of 5 to 15 years in prison if convicted.
  7. They're counterfiters..not murderers or rapist. Do they really HAVE to go to prison for this?
  8. Oopsie...didn't know this had already been posted...thought it would be in the news section, so I didn't check this section for the story when I made my thread on it in the news section...I'm sorry:sad:.
  9. Yes.
  10. Wah, I love Suffolk County, bcos I live here :happydance:
    Didn't they bust another huge counterfeiter in Flushing, NY earlier? Maybe they are linked in some way.
    Great news :tup:
  11. we have a funny justice system that way. you can get 15 plus years in prison for selling crack cocaine while a child molester could be released on parole after serving less than five years. :shrugs:
  12. I agree. I obviously disagree with the selling of fakes, but there are worse things people could be (and are) doing that they are not punished for fairly. I always see articles where people have physically hurt other people (severely) and are spending less time in jail.