Counterfeit = Terrorism?

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  1. I mean there are obvious reasons why you shouldnt buy a fake purse or anything else like trademark, poor quality and so on.

    But what does it have to do with helping terrorism? And what are the other downsides?

    Maybe it's an obvious question :push:

    And no, I don't do fakes, I would just like to know what to tell my friends the next time they buy fakes. Cuz the one about poor quality isnt always true. One of my friend had this fake Gucci since forever and it's still in good shape..:rolleyes:
  2. Alot of people believe that the money made through selling fakes goes back to terrorism-ridden countries, and I have to agree. It's just another way for groups to profit from their greed and other people's foolish need to have it all without paying for it
  3. Hrm oki. Thank you :yes:
  4. I posted a thread about a big counterfeit bust in Palm Beach yesterday, and the news said that most of the knock-off bags were made in Pakistan! =O
  5. Oh wow
  6. Counterfeit = Stealing
    Counterfeit = misleading
  7. oh boy. . . can we do a search on this? This has been beaten to death many a time here.
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