Counterfeit seller is harassing me!

  1. And eBay won't do anything about it (yet). I contacted this seller to ask that she please take down her fake Birkin listing. She has continued to email me with various virtual epithets such as that I am a nut, trying to corner the Birkin market (I am not a professional reseller), and so on. But at least 3 emails since I requested that she not contact me again. I reported her to eBay and of course her fake listing, but I am so aggravated. I'm going to stick to reporting fake items and not give anyone the benefit of the doubt that they're making an honest mistake and will do the right thing:censor:
  2. Ugh, yeah I never email sellers about their items, I just report them. I've heard too many stories about sellers like that who get overly defensive about their items and seem to be out for revenge when you try to call them out on their fakes.
    Anyway, did you report them using the link in the emails they've been sending? I think you can report harassing emails that way.
  3. yep, just report them, don't waste your time contacting them. the majority KNOW they're selling fakes, and as much as we want to help people, it is in our best interest not to get too involved.

    eBay is buyer beware territory.
  4. Yep, just report and block her email addy. BTW.. in the future I would also hide my email addy when sending a question to seller if you want to continue trying to advise them.
  5. There are just too many wackos out there.
    I'm pulling my shades down.:nuts:
  6. Yikes, don't do that! There are some certifiable nutjobs out there, and someone selling a fake piece of junk is likely to be one of them.

    Just report, report, and report some more. But don't even try to engage the crazies in what you hope to be a fruitful conversation!
  7. I respectfully disagree with the just report them advice. Many times I have emailed someone who is listing a fake (but it appears to be a genuine lack of knowledge, rather than a scammer.) I hide my email and use a special account that I only use to report. I do not buy, sell or post with it. I do not use the email account for anything else.
    Often I get a nice response through My Messages saying they didn't know, thanks, they pulled the listing etc. Occasionally I'll get the wacko, profane, or threatening response, but I just delete those.
  8. This is what I was hoping for as she wasn't usually a seller of handbags (seems like a general consignment business type thing). But boy, was I wrong about her:rolleyes:.
    At least Ebaypulled her auction. She has another one up so we'll see how long that lasts. I've certainly learned my lesson- appearances are not as they may seem and they can take up their fakes with Ebay from now on whether they're aware of them or not!
  9. the only problem with report, report, report, is that sometimes I get reported for my authentic ones and it gets yanked. It's hard to be 100% sure in photos, and unless you are 100% sure, you could really hurt someone else's livelihood. I don't know if I've been reported by error or if someone was being competitive, but it can lead to suspension. If someone saw my stuff and thought it was fake, I'd like to have a chance to prove myself. I say contact them with anonymous email, and then if they get nasty, then report.
  10. I usually gave people the chance to take it down. First off because, if they are nice, didn' tknow etc, they can take it down faster than ebay (can, will). But it isn't fun being harrassed and stalked by these sellers either. It seems there is no way to win. My authentic items have been pulled as well but they only started getting pulled when i started reporting fakes so i dunno.