Counterfeit problem

  1. I'm embarrased that the notorious eBay seller "neroned" apparently lives in my home state. Today, I wrote to a TV reporter in my area and suggested a story about this seller--and the overall problem of counterfeit bags. I mentioned the problem of stores accepting counterfeit bags in return transactions too. I don't know whether the story will ever go anywhere, but I just wanted to vent that I'm sick of seeing decent, honest people duped by counterfeiters.
  2. I hate the neroned! Such a bad seller. Mabe you should pay him/her a visit.
  3. Ya know, that thought has crossed my mind. I've pondered ordering something from him/her just to see the return address on the package. How in the world would any real person have sooooo many designer bags for sale at one time? UGH!
  4. and how do they guarantee it authentic or your money back? that doesn't make any sense to me... don't they think someone might know what they are looking at....
  5. good job bag-addict! I commend you for taking that step... I really hope someone at the news station picks up your story. Conterfeits are a huge problem and somebody needs to recognize it and make the public aware. I would love to see neroned get arrested on TV!
  6. ME TOO!! I secretly want to be that shadowy informant whose face can't be shown on TV for fear of retaliation. HAHAHA! Come on and get me "neroned!", or "nerd" for short.
  7. Hahaha...I could imagine 'nerd' gets arrested on TV! I wouldn't want to miss that!:nuts:
  8. ^^ I'll be sure to record the video and post it here before I get hauled off to witness protection (with my 2 dogs of course--would they get new names too?)