Counterfeit LV Damier Wallet and Rude Seller.

  1. I purchased a LV Damier Wallet on eBay. One week later, I received a LV Damier Wallet with the date code MO1215:tdown:. I don't think I need to have an LV expert to tell me that the wallet is asolutely Fake. The damier canvas had a greenish funny brown and the strong plastic smell and the sticky feelling when you touch the material.
    I email the seller to explain to her the wallet is fake,and open a dispute with Paypal, she respond by saying that she had never state the wallet is authentic in her auction so it doesn't has to be authentic and I have to be crazy to ask for my money back, she also call me a liar.
    I can see that I cannot communicate with this person anymore so I just went ahead to file a claim with Paypal.
    Last nite, I tried again by email her to explain that selling counterfeit and ship the item across the state line is felony and I can report her to the authorities, If she just refund my money to me then we both just get on with our life, she respond and said that I threating her she know how eBay is work don't fool her and she will report me to eBay:nogood:.She has until 09/19 to respond to my claim with Paypal.
    This is a litte costly mistake, now I had to pay $33.00 USD to get a letter from the 3rd party to verify that the wallet is counterfeit,because Paypal MAY ask me to prove that the wallet is fake. And if I have to sent the wallet back to her ,I will have to pay for the shipping too :sad:.
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Here's what you should do:

    1. Forget about communicating with the seller now.
    2. Open a claim and escalate to a dispute.
    3. Contact your CC company after you open a dispute and do a chargeback.
    4. Do NOT send the item back unless eBay/PP tells you to do so. You may need the item as evidence and if you don't have it, you can't prove it's fake.

    As an aside note, it doesn't matter that the seller didn't promise authenticity. As you know, it's illegal to sell counterfeit goods on eBay or anywhere else for that matter. Good luck!
  3. put that email in your paypal dispute...all items on ebay have to be authentic and she is basically admitting it's a fake
  4. PAETHIC woman! Selling counterfeit is prohibited on eBay :yucky:

    OK, if she report you then report her as selling counterfeit, copy her header and footer email then paste to eBay. It's a strong proof that she "agred" that she sold you fake.
  5. Thank you for all of yours help.
    I just pay the fee to get the formal letter from a 3rd independent party. I think Paypal will need it later. I have to spend $33.00 for the letter,but I don't have any choice. This seller is really is pathetic:nogood:.
  6. Who is charging you $33 for an authenticity letter?
  7. I believed she used, but paid extra for a rush order.
  8. I pay Carol last nite to have the letter done for me, if in case Paypal will need it.
    This morning I called my credit card company to start the charge back process. I don't think Paypal will like the charge back, but the seller is vicious and unreasonable. If she already withdraw the money out of her account then I cannot get my full refund, because her auction only qualify for $200.00 buyer's protection from Paypal.
    My credit card compay told me that they don't need anything at this time,but If they do need some kind of proof later then they will contact me and will give me enough time to get the paper they need. I email Caroldiva and she is refund the money to me.
    I hope that no one will have to go through this problem. I know this is just one transaction and Ebay is not a life or death matter but sometime is does give you a big headache.:nogood:
  9. The fee is depend on the price of the item. Anything over $200.00 is $33.00
    I used Caroldiva, She is very helpfull and nice.:tup:
  10. Yes, I used Carol for a "verbal (email) only authenticity for my LV Keepall. She did a great job and it didn't cost $33 so I wondered. It makes sense that a rush job WITH an official letter would cost more.
  11. Did you open a dispute with paypal? If you don't and your CC company does a chargeback first, paypal gets unreasonable and they will put your account into a negative balance. It's a real hassle -- make sure you file that dispute with paypal.
  12. Lori, I'm dealing with a very similar situation to the OP.

    I filed a dispute with PP and escalated it immediately to a claim. I also contacted the CC and am waiting for the forms they need me to fill out. Is that okay or should I have waited to contact the CC?
  13. From the PP user agreement under buyer protection:

    Appears to be the answer I was looking for. Seems one needs to wait until the PP claim is no longer pending to file with the CC company so now I think I made an error in contacting the CC company.
  14. bnjj: don't worry. I have never had a problem with filing with PP and then disputing the charge with my CC. See how they say "you will have to rely solely on your chargeback rights" -- in my experiences, the CC can ALWAYS trump paypal. I have never lost money in a claim after filing with PP and then filing a dispute with my CC.
  15. My claim with Paypal is still open. I contact my CC Co. yesterday and yes, they said that they will sent me some forms. Should I close the Paypay claim? I don't think Paypal like us to file the charge back , but I think that's the only way we can get our full refund. Many time, if the seller already withdraw the money,then we are end up loosing a big portion of our payment, because depends on how much is the seller have in their account, that is how much we going to get, right? I've read some post in this forum many people run into this problem with Paypal.:nogood: