Counterfeit items on ebay TPF crackdown!

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  1. So i was surfing around on eBay trying to search for potential deals on great lv products. i found a few but then i found even more counterfeit items. it really makes me mad and i know it makes all you guys mad too.

    i got to thinking, what if each and every tpf member goes on eBay and reports at least one "bad" listing a day?

    then those listings will be deleted and hence making our shopping a little bit more comforting. i can only hope.

    i did my dues today. i reported one

    how about you?
  2. wow thats some kinda ugly.. :throwup:
    How do you report an item thats not authenitc?
  3. You're welcome! I'm always posting stuff in that thread lol.
  4. definately use that thread Lvbabydoll posted usually when I click the links to report the item most of them are already gone so that thread is pretty effective at helping get rid of the fakers.

    If everyone could do they bit it would help get rid of the rest to report you just scroll to the bottom of the listing and click report item click pick the correct options and voila done!
  5. Since there's already a thread for this.. let's get reporting ! :graucho:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.