Counterfeit Hermes

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 28, 2009
    Hello everyone,
    I am a YSL lady but yesterday's talk set me into a thoughtful mood. My friend has a desire for a Birkin bag but unfortunately she can't afford it now. So she is thinking of buying from the site
    xxx She knows that they sell counterfeits. She says she compared the pics of Hermes bags on the site with original ones and it is very difficult to distinquish between them.What do you think of those bags?
    Some counterfeits are very good, I saw a program on TV. Can you see a woman carrying a Birkin bag whether she has a fake ( but good quality) one? And how?
    As for me I am not a supporter of counterfeit industry.
  2. As a friend I would gently remind her that by supporting those who produce counterfit items she is participating in an illegal act and more importantly is contributing to the ongoing abuse of the most vulnerable members of society, who are often virtually enslaved in barbaric conditions to produce these goods.

    Google search this topic and print out a few things for her to read. Counterfitting is not just a luxury goods issue either. Airplane parts, medicines, virtually any good that has a market value is counterfitted(scary thought). It is a real danger to the health and safety of all.
  3. I don't think you'll find anyone on this forum who would encourage or condone purchasing counterfeit goods, nor would they list all of the identifying characteristics that distinguish an authentic piece from a counterfeit (that just helps the people who are trying to make better and better copies). The people who manufacture counterfeit goods are performing an act equivalent to stealing, in my opinion, and should not be supported. I would encourage your friend to save save save for the real thing, like many of us have to do. In this economy, there are also lots of deals to be had on authentic items in resale shops and online through reputable dealers. You can research them all here on this forum. Please steer your friend to do the right thing and not support fakes.
  4. I saw a lady today with a fake. I could tell from a distance - the fake shine and the odd shape for what might have been a 35cm sized black birkin with PHW. It's Chinese New Year, and I could see that she was very happy toting it, and almost showing off ... until she saw me walk closer, and all I had was my Evelyne. She became conscious, and tried to hide her fake from me.

    This is the thing, when you know that you're carrying a fake, when you are 'confronted' with the real thing, the inferiority complex will chew you up.
  5. Sorry don't believe in fakes, first off the only one you are fooling is yourself. ^^^ ITA with Mrssparkles and all the others.

    Secondly fakes support terrorism and it's illegal.

    I agree I would find some stuff to print out for her to read and I would not ecourage fakes of anything
  6. <This is the thing, when you know that you're carrying a fake, when you are 'confronted' with the real thing, the inferiority complex will chew you up.>

    This is so true, MrsS. A number of years ago, I went to a charity luncheon given by someone I didn't know all that well. I was a little surprised when I saw a "Birkin" sitting on a chest in the entrance. At first glance, I knew it was fake.

    Right after I arrived (carrying my Birkin), the hostess excused herself, and put her purse in the hall closet.

    I really felt bad for her. Here was someone who could clearly afford the real thing, and yet, bought a fake. Go figure. :sad:

  7. #7 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    I do not understand why anyone would buy a fake, especially since some of them cost hundreds.
    You'll always know it's fake.
    People who own the real thing will be able to tell.
    The ones who don't know won't care.
    Who are the fake carriers trying to fool, and why? Makes zero sense to me.

    My credo is buy the most expensive authentic bag you can afford.
    You will have pride of ownership and you'll even have something to resell, if you should ever tire of the bag.
  8. i dont believe in fakes too, if your friend really likes a birkin, she should just save up even if takes years and get the real thing cos it would be really worth it... :smile:
  9. Thank you very much for your replies. I agree with you, she will fool herself with that counterfeit. And her dignity? And to pay nearly 1000 euros for a fake. An expensive desire. I adviced her to buy less expensive bag. I think she won't listen to me if I say buying fakes is a support of dark industry. But I might stop her if I say everyone can see your bag be fake because ( colour? shape? craft?--- some distinguish features)

    I saw YSL bags on that site. Needless to say I could see it immediately, leather, shape, zipper...

    I hope she won't buy it.....
  10. Oh, no fakes. This is not about protecting the brand. Really, who cares if a company who charges out the ying yang for a purse is ripped off.

    Fakes are terrible because of the deplorable sweatshops and child abuse that goes into them. I'm still crying over the conditions described in the book Deluxe.
  11. so many good points made, but perhaps you can also help her as a friend to feel better about herself, because no fake bag is going to accomplish that or make people think more highly of her. "things" do not do that. While we all love our authentic bags, for me, what makes them so special is the joy that comes with owning something so lovely by achieving it, waiting, calling, watching, saving $$, and finally, bringing it home! if she buys a fake bag, she will miss all that! instant gratification is just that, INSTANT!
  12. No fakes.
  13. a fake is just money wasted and will always make someone feel "less than" if you can never afford a birkin, that is just fine-find another handbag you love and carry it proudly!
  14. The pics posted up on a website...can be just It doesn't mean it will be the exact same product that arrives at your front door.

    The site sells fakes for a reason. Because they are looking for customers just like her, who can be TEMPTED by waving a carrot in front of them.
  15. ^^Instant gratification is also quite fleeting - whatever good feeling might be gained for a moment will sour over time.

    I own just a few Hermes bags, and I still am excited to look at them and swap them out. no buyers remorse because they are authentic, classic, and I expect to have them for a long time. I would only let them go to get a newer/different style or color.