Counterfeit goods more acceptable to consumers, survey finds

  1. If anyone is interested, go to yahoo news and watch the video they have up. They show a close up of a "Damier Azur" bag and some others. Ugh!
  2. a link could really help. Im lazy.
  3. How disgusting!!
  4. Sounds interesting... Do you have a link?
  5. Thanks clearstatic :biggrin:
  6. oopsie, thanks clearstatic for posting the link. I was too lazy to post it haha.
  7. youre welcome guys/gals!!

    but even fake condoms?

  8. Yeah, fake condoms lol i don't know why they would fake those!
  9. very interesting, think here in NY you would find the same type of results. Woman I know do not see anything wrong with it. One woman wears real designer clothes that cost $$$ and fake bags ( she refers to them as replicia) know what i said back b......
  10. FAKE condoms?!?!?!? :wtf:

    How far will these "people" go???
  11. omg, I can't believe there are fake condoms!?
  12. Condoms are definitely something you want to buy the brand name of.
  13. There's fake everything - fake toothpaste, car parts, even fake toilet paper...the mind boggles and the stomach turns.
  14. Usually you can tell what is fake and what is real by comparing the product quality. But how do you test the quality of the fake condoms? Just curious :graucho:. KWIM..hee...hee..