Counterfeit Chanel Jewerly. Please help me report these auctions!

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  1. Reported...
  2. reported! that is so nasty!
  3. No offense here to any authentic Chanel users.

    They should be removed under the SNAD, because, "beautiful" would be the last description I would use.

    They remind of poppet jewellery you could get out of "Lucky Bags" when I was a child (Yes, a long time ago).

    See how long it takes for eBay to decide what to do. Seems that when they are told specifically something is fake, it stays there longer than an authentic item.

    Common sense, and logic seem to be missing when we are talking about eBay.:cursing:
  4. reported ! :yes:
  5. Reported them all, i report as much as i can do because i feel bad for people who pay alot of money for things they believe to be authentic.
  6. All 4 have been removed:yes:
  7. in the future, the Chanel Shopping Forum has a thread specifically for fakes, please add these types of posts there.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.