Counterfeit bags in the lobby next door!

  1. :cursing: I just went into a building rented by a federal agency and they are selling counterfeit handbags in the lobby by some vendor! I complained to security and they just told me to call the management company. I'll do that tomorrow but I'm not sure what else to do? I thought about saying something to the vendor, but I don't want them following me or just moving it elsewhere down the road.
  2. Why not make a police complaint?
  3. call the management company, don't get personally involved. you have no idea how the vendor might react. if you wanted to escalate it, you could report the management company to the proper authorities...but don't get personally involved with the vendor. better safe than sorry.
  4. Ok - I reported it on that link. I won't confront the vendor - I was really tempted too.
  5. ewww

    let us know if they send you the results.

    i saw a bunch being sold by the wtc on saturday...they even had fake LVs that were like the gucci belt bag...ugh just horrible horrible. and they were scattered on the sidewalk on some dirty looking blanket.