Counterfeit bag-- what next?

  1. My friend just received a fake Choo from eBay. I could tell it was fake within seconds of looking at it but the pics on the auction are blurry (probably on purpose). I told her to open a dispute with paypal, but what should be her next steps? I know mypoupette will provide proof it is fake but the prices seem kinda steep. My friend has emailed the seller but no response. We took it to the local Choo but the SA there would not provide anything in writing.

    Should she go ahead with Mypoupette anyway? Are there cheaper alternatives? Or wait? I have never been in this situtation so I don't know what to tell her but I figured one of you ladies would know.
  2. Did your friend pay with a credit card? if she did and Paypal denies her claim, you can chargeback from your credit card.
  3. I am not sure if she did or not. I will have to check. Should she file a chargeback now? Or wait until paypal rules? Should she escalate the dispute to a claim immediately or wait?
  4. First find about if she used the CC.

    If yes, file the dispute and immediately escalate to a claim. Wait for Paypal to rule. If she loses, recour to the CC for the chargeback. Hopefully it is a credit card not a debit.

    If no CC (meaning she has no back-up) this is where it gets complicated. File the dispute and you give the seller time to respond. Sometimes this is better because the seller might make a statement compromising themselves thru the console and this will help your case. If she does not respond, or it does not look favorable for you need to escalate to a claim. Now, here is the biggie, Paypal is going to want the letter verifying the item is fake and you will have to pay for that.

    Does that help? Wait for more opinions...
  5. I am so sorry that this has happened but once this is escalated to a claim Paypal will need proof in writing that the bag is a fake. Other people on this forum have used My Poupette but also recommend who is cheaper and quicker at dealing with these requests. There are time limits involved once the claim is escalated. Good luck
  6. ^^ Thank you!!! Carol Diva is wonderful and is helping my friend out. It is clear the bag is a horrible fake!! thanks again.
  7. Sounds like you are getting lots of great advice here and your friend is taking all the right steps to resolve this horrible situation in her favor. Best of luck to her!