Counted your purses?

  1. Have you guys ever counted how many bags you own. I was packing for our move and I was surprised at how many bags I have. I felt guilty.:huh:
  2. I don't cause I don't want to go there! LOL.
  3. Ditto! I wouldnt know where to begin...over a hubby would die if he knew.......!
  4. Yes I have. I'm surprised at how many bags I own.
  5. Yea, I don't want to count b/c then I would be tallying up just how much $ I've spent when it could be going towards my school loans.....ouch. Must not think about that!
  6. I was out to dinner with my parents a couple of weeks ago and my dad made me tell him how many bags I own...I have to admit, I "forgot" to count a few when I gave him a number :shame:
  7. :shame: hmm, i think i owe about 5! 2 of them are just normal bags - not fancy at all...... only a smaller collection at the moment :shame: :shame: :shame: but its going to grow - i just know it!
  8. I don't want to count but I know I have many bags I bought on impulse, never used, and need to put them on eBay. My husband says bags are my "Problem". (sighs)
  9. I do not have a huge collection, but I have quality bags which is more important to me than the total number.
  10. I like your thinking on this. I wish I had built my collection wisely instead of stupidly acquiring bags without more careful thought. I am moving towards keeping only bags that I use and love.
  11. Havent counted them all yet, I love them all though.
  12. yup i have a while inventory on my bags. i have 12! wait or is it 13?? LOL...
  13. Too frightened to count. Can I just count the "designer" bags? If so then I have eight--3 Gucci, 1 Dior, 1 YSL, 1 LV, and 2 MJ.

  14. :lol:
  15. Not as many as I want!
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