Countdown to Miroir Lockit..patient or not?

  1. We have about two weeks til the Miroir Lockits arrive. I'm on a temporary ban until then and I've been living vicariously through all of you and your exciting Amarante and Love 2 purchases.

    Actually, I'm salivating here and waitlisting for a bunch of Fall and Cruise stuff. Being good really s*cks. Why isn't my last name Trump? Or Bloomberg?

    For those of you on the wait list, how are you holding up?
  2. Not patient at all and although I told my store about the bag ( way back when we first found out like Nov or something) they didn't know it even exsisted I somehow ended up at number 4 for silver & 6 for Gold on the list I am :cursing: this bag has given me nothing but headaches

    I have a plan B but at the minute things are not looking good & I refuse to 4 x retail on eBay for it If I don't get it
  3. i did not even add my name as I would have been so far down. can't wait to see pics.
  4. I'm SO not patient...I'm waiting for my SA to call me next week when it comes so I may have my "supervised visitation" with her, until I can legitimately bring her home on July 1st! lol.....

    I think about it constantly, it's borderline obsessive!
  5. ^^that's funny, "supervised visitation"....Im not listed for this bag, but please post photos when it arrives !! thx
  6. Gayle if you get a visitation as it's your bag already you just can't take it home do you think they'll let you take pics??
  7. Hehehe. I most def. will, it'll be the 1st thing I do when I get home w/ it! :love:
  8. That's a REALLY good idea....I know I probably can't take it home-home until the actual release date (I've tried, but I am going to ask them at the store if I could take some pics w/ my digi!!! That would completely rock, we'll see what they saY! Thanks for the idea Label, i hope it works, LOL!
  9. I can't wait to see all the Miroir floating around here!!

    (excuse my LV lapse......... when was the release date?)
  10. Not patient here at all! I really want to see this and hold it and smell it ASAP! LOL!
  11. Very impatient to see pics!
    Not on the list, couldn't stand the hassle over here and it would've gone to a VIP no matter how early I listed.:cursing:
    ( my store will probably only get one.)
  12. darn! the 1st is a Sunday?!?!?!! Ugh that means I'll have to wait until Friday to pick up my bags :sad:
  13. I am very IMPATIENT for its release!!! I can't wait!! I went to LV today just to make sure --- I will definitely get the Silver, but I am #3 or 4 on the list for the gold and now I really, really want the gold, too. :crybaby:
  14. hmm I'm getting more impatient by the seconds!!
  15. Allegedly, I am #1 for a silver one. What if it's all a lie and I don't get one? Could they be that cruel? I worry about this a lot lately.

    Irishpandabear - LOL. I thought I was the only one who sniffed her new bags (and her new shoes). You think it's going to smell as good as a lambskin Rivete?

    At least we'll all get a reprieve for the rest of July, til September. There aren't any bags scheduled for August, right?