Countdown to LE Magenta Delivery!!!

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  1. 71 DAYS and counting to Magenta :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I don't know what I'll do with my days until then :crybaby:

    Dream in technicolor???
  2. haha. for me, i just drool over other PFers Magenta BBags. In the meantime, my wishlist just gets longer and longer.

    Oh, and being the complete dork I am, I plan outfits that will match the Magenta city.
  3. Ooo! Do tell, what are you planning?!? :wlae:

  4. OMG 71 days!!! It's gonna feel like years~
  5. It already does!! :death:

  6. aw the pure torture! :crybaby:
  7. the one outfit i really want to wear with it is just a simple denim miniskirt and a black v-neck sweater with my hair tied up in a ponytail and some cute flats i think. i really haven't thought of many more, so I will either have to wear this outfit every single time i want to carry my city or I will carry my bag once. lol. :Push:
  8. I too am thinking about which outfits I want to wear with that new Magenta bag - and studying people with magenta/orchid and fuschia in their wardrobes or accessories, everywhere I see 'em.

    Got some new magenta glides, etc. Stocked up on black tights.

    But, I too am thinking the denim minisirt, nice flats, and a black top is going to be great. I have a couple of all black skirt and top outfits that are all set to go with magenta.

    Anyone else thinking about what to wear?
  9. I have this HOT Michael Kors coat that is white with black dalmation dots all over it. The magenta is going to looks BAM! with that.

    Plus it goes perfectly with blue jeans!!! The magenta has a lot of blue in it so it's a natural with jeans. :yes:
  10. PS. It seems like a lot of us Magenta gals are in Cali!! Woohoo!!
  11. hee hee. you girls are so darn cute.
  12. I've been thinking that black and white houndstooth (as in a skirt with a black turtleneck) would go cool with Magenta, too.

    Of course, my usual way of dressing includes lots of blue - in skirts, in denim, etc., and Magenta will definitely liven things up.

    Black dalmation print - that would be TDF.

    I wish they were making Magenta accessories, too, but will have to assuage myself, perhaps with Ocean or Violet.
  13. Wow 71 days more to go...Man that is Forever

    i havent thought about what outfit to wear with magenta bag but its something to think about now when i do go shopping. thanks for the idea :smile:
  14. even though i did not waitlist for magenta but i have the same feelin as u as i'm also counting down for my waitlist for other colors........:smile:
  15. lol, can't believe there's already a countdown going! I guess it's officially 70 days as of now ;) Can't wait for mine, i know it's going to be great in fall and winter with black tights and i have a Pink Tartan Houndstooth coat that will look fab! sparkly matching hair thingies *sigh* me and magenta (gold GH) are definitely meant to be :heart:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.