Countdown to Chloe....

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  1. So tomorrow's the BIG day......I FINALLY pick up my Heloise bag!! :yahoo:
    I cannot wait -- she's holding the Plum so most likely that's the one I'm coming home with -- of course, there's still the SLIMMEST possibility that I could change my mind & buy the Gazelle instead, but I really don't think that will happen (someone would have to have a VERY pursuasive argument to change my mind!)

    So it is with great aniticipation that I now begin my "Chloe Countdown" -- approx 18 hours to go!!!:whistle::girlsigh::whistle:
  2. A pre-welcome to the Prune Heloise Club!
  3. Whoo-Hoo, the Prune is on it's way -- congrats.....:yahoo::yahoo:

    BTW, I was looking at some MJ threads last night, looks like you and I have had many of the same bags, i.e. the turnlock hobo, Maggie, and the list goes on.......most of mine have gone to new homes.
  4. How exciting can't wait to see her:girlsigh:
  5. Well done!!! :tup:
    Now all of us are waiting for pics... :yahoo::graucho:.