Countdown to Britneys performance at the VMAS!!!!

  1. IM SOOOO EXCITED!!!! I know i may stand alone in this but i cant help it i havent given up hope yet, lol
  2. I need to watch this. :pP
  3. I can't wait. I love britney!
  4. 50 min to go guys!!!:woohoo:
  5. :yahoo::yahoo:Im so excited I hope she makes a great comeback!!!
  6. OMG it's on!!!!
  7. I Am Sorry But That Was Horrible...omg
  8. Huge Trainwreck!!!

    There are no words!

    Was she drunk already?
  9. Okay... Britney's performance: anyone else feel this way? It seems pretty weak... dancing is not so great, and obvious lip synching. Nothing else to say at this moment.
  10. She seemed really tentative, sort of stiff. Not the Brit of old. She seemed to stumble quite a bit in the number. The lip-synching doesn't bother me because I don't think I've ever seen her sing live. But definitely a step in the right direction.
  11. She Just Ruined Her Career....she Looked Like A Skank, Lip Singing, And Not Dancing....hmm
  12. Holy sh*t that was pathetic.
  13. Wow that was worse than I could have ever thought ! Her hari looks terible !

    Wow ,HI Vlad !