Count Your Balenciagas

  1. I do this everyday and almost all the time because I am always in constant urge to get new/old bbags :sweatdrop:
    I re-assess my collections on daily basis to see what I have, which one I usually use the most, or the one I hardly use or don't use at all to decide which one then to sell to fund the next purchase :sweatdrop:

    So please share if you are the same *enquiring mind wants to know :angel:

    Coin Purse: 3 (06 Pony Calcaire, 07 Tomato, 07 Jaune)
    Wallet: 1 (07 Le Compagnon Aquamarine)
    First: 2 (04 Lilac, 08 BG)
    Twiggy: 1 (05 Magenta Twiggy)
    City: 1 (07 Tomato)
    Purse: 2 (04 Seafoam, 05 Calcaire)
    Work: 2 (06 Blue India, 08 EB)

    Used the most: 04 Lilac First, 07 Tomato CP
    Used the least: 04 Seafoam Purse, 05 Magenta Twiggy, 06 Blue India
    Never used: 06 Pony Calcaire CP, 05 Calcaire Purse
  2. Coin Purse: 5 (Greige, Tomato, Navy/White, 08 Magenta, EB) )
    Wallet: 3 ( Sienna Mini Compagnon, FB & Jaune Real COin))
    First: 2 (Marine & Mogano)
    Twiggy: 1 (Tomato)
    City: 5 (Greige, Grenat, Jaune, 05 Magenta, EB)
    Day: 1 (Sienna)

    Used the most: Greige City, Sienna Day & Grenat City, Mogano First, Sienna Mini compagnon, Navy/White & Tomato coin purse
    Used the least: Tomato Twiggy, Marine First
    Never used: 05 Magenta, Jaune and EB CIty

    Never used too: FB & Jaune Real coin, Greige, 08 Magenta and EB coin purses
  3. I own 1 city, hope to expand my collection :shame:
  4. Coin Purse: 1 (07 Sky Blue GSH) ** on it's way, haven't received it just yet **
    Wallet: 1 (07 Violet - Money Wallet)
    Makeup: 1 (06 Camel)
    First: 1 (07 Plomb)
    Twiggy: 2 (07 Marine, 07 Violet) ** planning on moving these out of my collection to make room for more Cities! **
    City: 6 (06 Ink, 07 Vert D'eau, 08 Pale Magenta, 08 Bubblegum + on their way to me 07 Violet, 06 Ink (yes, another one! this one will replace my other one as it's in better condition))

    Used the most: 06 Camel MU, 06 Ink City
    Used the least: 07 Plomb First (a little small for me), 07 Marine Twiggy
    Never used: 07 Vert D'eau, 08 Bubblegum ** but only because I JUST got these ones and the weather hasn't cooperated yet! **
  5. Coin Purse: 2 (black, violet gsh)
    Wallet: 1 (Blueberry Money)
    First: 3 (Turquoise '05, Aquamarine, '05 Black)
    Twiggy: 1 (Ivory)
    City: 2 (Black, Blue India)
    Day: 5 (Greige, Sienna, Vert Foncé, Steel SGH, Tomato SGH)
    Step: 1 (Violet)
    Work: 1 (Cornflower)
    Matelasse PM: 1 (Sienna)

    Used the most: both coin purses, Blueberry Money wallet, Black City, Cornflower work, Tomato SGH Day, Black First, Sienna matelasse PM
    Used the least: Ivory Twiggy, Vert Foncé Day, Greige Day
    Never used: None
  6. :shame: my collection is small and loved!

    Twiggy- RT
    City- Sandstone
    Day- BG

    Most used: sandstone city, RT twiggy when i first got her
    Least used- BG day
  7. Wallet: 1 mini wallet (06 Blue India portefeuille)
    Twiggy: 1 (07 black)
    Work: 2 (05 teal, 06 truffle)
    Weekender : 1 (07 vert foncé)
    Courier : 1 (07 violet)
    Shoulder : (07 sandstone)

    Used the most: my wallet everyday
    my black twiggy and my truffle work
    Used the least: Sandstone Shoulder only on week ends.
    Never used: None
  8. Coin Purse: 0 :crybaby:
    Wallet: 1 (black mini compagnon)
    First: 1 (grenat)
    Twiggy: 1 (black)
    City: 2 (Black, Sienna)
    Day: 0, but hoping to get one soon :smile:

    Used the most: sienna city
    Used the least: black twiggy
    Never used: black mini compagnon (because I haven't received it yet)

  9. calcair is apparently not for you, aki! :p

    First: o7 Vert D'Eau
    Cities: o7 Sandstone, o7 Ocean, o7 Black

    Used the Most: prob. Black City
    Used the Least: Vert, just b/c it's smaller & I'm more nervous about dirt, but I've been using it alot lately!
    Never used: None, I've used them all.

  10. City: 3 (BG, VT & EB)

    Used the most: EB
    Used the least: To date, all's been used about 1.5 weeks or so
    Never used: None
  11. Coin Purse: 1 (06 lilac)
    Boobie: 1 (06 lilac)
    First: 3 ( 05 magenta, 04 mystery green, 04 turquoise)
    City: 5 ( 03 blue, 03 lilac, 06 lilac, 06 rouge vif, 07 black)
    Day: 1 (plomb)
    Work: 2 ( 07 black, 08 pale magenta)
    Clutches: 2 (06 emerald green Oval, 06 cognac Aulmoniere)
    Hobo : 1 (03 lilac)

    Used the most: black Work, lilac coin purse, emerald Oval, 03 blue City, 06 rouge vif City.
    Used the least: turquoise First, lilac flat Hobo, cognac Aulmoniere (all used only once), lilac boobie.
    Never used: pale magenta Work, mystery green First.

    Bags that are on the verge of leaving my collection:
    Mystery green First,
    turquoise First,
    06 lilac City,
    06 lilac boobie,
    03 lilac flat hobo,
    cognac Aulmoniere,
    black City,
    plomb Day.

    As my signature states, I seriously need to re-evaluate my collection! :sweatdrop:
  12. My beloved small collection are
    '05 Teal First
    '05 Bordeaux First
    '06 Camel City
    '07 Tomato Money
    Used the most..Teal First, tomato Money
    Used the least..Camel City
    Never used.. N/A
    Most Wished for..that early bag Kate Moss is using (looks like a hobo type Bal) in that early Ad of the embrace on the beach
  13. Coin Purse: 2 (ivory 07, pale magenta gsh 08)
    First: 2 (Grass Green 07, Metallic Red 04/05)
    Day: 3 (Blue India 06, Cinnamon 07, Tomato 07 SGH)
    Aumoniere: 1 (Greige 06)
    Whistle: 1 (black 07)

    Used the most: both coin purses, Tomato SGH Day, Cinnamon Day, Vert Gazon First, Black Whistle
    Used the least: Blue India day, Greige Aumoniere
    Never used: Metallic Red First (just got it yesterday)

  14. Do you have a group shot??? :drool: