Count down...and come here to say Happy New Year.

  1. :party:
    It's not New Year yet in Chicago.
    I will not go out to celebrate New Year tonight, so I think I can count down and celebrate it at TPF. If you are like me staying at home for New Year, I welcome you to celebrate the New Year with me here in this thread. I will come here again once the time hits 2007. So let's Count Down...:yahoo:
  2. Happy (almost) new year!
  3. Hey 007, I'm in the windy city too!! DH and I are home tonight too. Had my seious shar eof the NYE partying in my younger years....I would love to countdown w/ tPF!!!

  4. I'll be right here on the beach in Florida at a party celebrating...unfortunately it will be T-storming all day & night. 2007......Happy New Year!!!
  5. :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Happy New Year from Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's now 2007 here.

    Have a happy, healthy and safe year everyone.
  6. My BF and I are going to my company party tonight. Friends were asking me to go to the harborside and countdown... I got to choose between good-food-and-good-wine vs freezing-my-butt :sweatdrop:

    Happy New Year people!
  7. Happy (early) New Year everyone! :yahoo:
  8. Not here yet, but I know some of you are already in 2007!! :yahoo:

    :party: on tPF!
  9. New year arrives here (UK) in around 7 hours and 23 minutes...:yahoo:

    I'm having a quiet affair at home with the OH, my son, a couple of party poppers, a bottle of Chardonnay and a cracker or two.;)

    Just in case i don't get to come back on to tPF as the clock strikes, i'll say Happy New Year to you all now - i wish everyone health, happiness, love (and more bags!:graucho:) in 2007!!

    Love to you all xxx:heart:
  10. I'm an hour ahead (E.S.T) but I'll be home celebrating on my own. Let's drink a toast later!!
  11. hehe~so excited!!! still 11 hours to go...
    yes let's :drinkup:later :tispy:
  12. Happy New Year Everyone!!(well early for some of us!)
  13. Its 4.45pm here in NYC, I'm signing off right now to get ready to bring in the New Year !

    So, I just wanted to wish everybody a safe and happy evening where ever you are.

    Happy New Year !!:yahoo:
  14. I've still got quite a few hours to go since I'm on PST but Happy New Years!! :party:
  15. Happy New Year everyone!:yahoo:

    My family is in they are in "the next year" already!:nuts: