1. Ahh......

    Finally..... I'm here waiting for my very long flight to begin.

    As I'm sitting down in the airport terminal (at this very moment) what do I see? A stunning woman (older, in her 60's) just sat next to me in a beautiful Chevre Rouge H HAC 32cm with GH. This makes me think. My first H sighting!! Ahh! WOnderful.

    Me hispanic takes this as a sign....... it will be GOOD when I get to France. I am so happy! I can't wait to get there and meet up with Icechick!

    The countdown begins now......

    *Im very drunk right now, but that is Rouge H!!*
  2. IT is DEFINITELY a sign.

    :drinkup:Bon Voyage Baggs:drinkup:
  3. Have a wonderful trip!!!
  4. Yep, you are going to have a fabulous time!! Drop us a line from Paris, dearie!!
  5. Bat Aff Co-Urse!

    I will have my laptop with me to keep in touch with the rest of the world!
  6. oooh that's so exciting! icechick is lots of fun, you'll have a great time!
  7. Flight 120! Departure 9:35pm!!!!

    Ooh..... First class bump up went through! YAY!
  8. haha, have a good flight!
  9. Bon Voyage!
  10. Have a safe trip!!!!!
  11. Safe trip Baggs and good H luck!
  12. I wish you a safe trip, good luck and have fun!

  13. I'm here!!!! The weather is beautiful and the people are lovely!!!

    I can't believe I'm 9 blocks away from the motherland!!!!! I'm going to head to Hermes in a minute. Need to take a chill!

    I've had so many Hermes sightings! First was the beautiful lady at the airport who was holding a 32cm chevre HAC (beautiful) Then as I left the airport in Paris I saw...

    Potiron Evelyn on a pretty argentinean girl.
    Small Barenia Picotin on a very chick french lady.
    Saw a girl by my hotel with a huge Hermes bag (she's got the goods!)

    Thats it for now! I will report back in a little bit.
  14. Ooh I hope that you have a fabulous trip! Enjoy yourself, take photos, and enjoy H!
  15. have a good trip!