Couldn't wait; carrying my Mirage today

  1. We're having an unexpected cold snap in NYC and it really feels like fall today. Yeah, right. Any excuse would do to wear my beautiful bordeaux mirage speedy. I paired it with a bordeaux Nanette Lepore suit and a pair of comfortable bordeaux Born clog-mules. To quote a very good friend of mine: I look so good, I would ______ myself. I really ought to take some pictures but as usual, I was too much in a rush this morning and now I'm at work and can't.

    Anyone else carrying theirs?
  2. i would be carrying mine if i had one. lol.
  3. Me!! I've been carrying my bordeaux Mirage Speedy for the last few days now. I just love it! It hurt to put my anthracite Nimbus GM back in her dust bag, but I had to wear my Speedy! Couldn't wait either!!!

  4. Ohmigod -- isn't it amazing how many people ogle this one? I even got a dirty look from a woman on the subway. That wasn't one of you, was it?
  5. I wore mine (noir) yesterday....LOVES
  6. I used mine today .. I love it love it love it !! but does anyone find it too structured ?
  7. So far, so good. And it's HUGE.
  8. It is more structured but I like that. It holds its shape. Its sweet!
  9. Mine is going to be my weekend bag, can't wait to carry it again this weekend.

    I personally like the structure of this bag. One reason I've never gotten a mono speedy is because I'm not a fan of the "sag". Some people like the sag, but it bugs me for some reason.
  10. I bought Noir Mirage yesterday and used it today. It is so easy to match with any clothes. I am so glad that from now on, I only need to choose what I like to wear for the day instead of what to match.

    There were times that I bought a new bag and it just sit at a corner waiting for the right time to be used. Initally, I will remind myself to use it so as to justify the cost. But when I could not find clothes that match it, it is return to a corner and after not long, it is forgotten.

    This will not happen to Mirage Noir Speedy...:yes:
  11. It is feeling autumnal in Scotland so she (Bordeaux Speedy M) had her 1st outing to work today.
  12. You sexy little bordeaux vixen! The entire outfit sounds divine! I wish you could take a picture!
  13. Sounds like you look fabulous. If I had one I would be carrying mine everyday.
  14. I wore my Noir Mirage to the mall earlier today.
  15. If I had one I would be carrying it too. The outfit sounds sexy!!