Couldnt resist!

  1. I went to one of my favorite places today (Short Hills Mall for any NJ girls out there!). had to do an exchange at Tiffanys, then went into the Coach store to see if they had any new stuff out - I want to get my daughter something cute and pink for Valentines Day, but the SA said not till the 25th. I couldnt resist picking this little cutie up for myself, though!
    flower charm.jpg
  2. ADORABLE and VERY Valentiney!!!!!! Cant wait to see it on your ergo!!!!! HINT HINT!!! :graucho:
  3. Its so adorable!
  4. That is so cute :love:
  5. Congrats, adorable!
  6. very cute... I love that charm! :tup:
  7. Mommyville, you are too cute. You are ergo-brained!!!! This is actually going to go on my red leather hamptons bag w/the cute little sig/heart ponytail scarf!!!

  8. I'm not in NJ but I have family in Westfield and Stanhope!!

    Love your new charm!!! soo cute!!!! :girlsigh:
  9. I loved the Short Hills Mall when I was a kid. At that time it was the only one with a Lord and Taylors which my Mom loved!!

    The charm is adorable!! I got one too!!:love:
  10. so cute...
  11. that is too cute! love it!
  12. Wow, my husband grew up in Stanhope and his mom and brother still live there. What a small world!!
  13. that's is really cute!!! will be perfect for spring.. heck for any seasons :nuts:
  14. Wow, I live like 5 min from that mall, I hardly go there though. I'm right in Madison..

    I actually work in the Coach in Rockaway so all my Coach shopping goes there. :p
  15. Lucky lucky you! I have that one on my 'wish list' over at! I think it would look great with my wine bleecker.