Couldn't resist yet another cashmere shawl...

  1. I was in Paris just for the day on Friday and popped into the mothership. So much beauty all around...Ended up buying a Brides de Gala cashmer shawl in cream, black and gold. Such a classic! I'm on my way to the hospital as I type this for a small operation, so I'll post pic.s when I get back home hopefully.

    By the way, it's just been a crazy period what with first my birthday and then work and health issues etc, so I haven't been able to be as involved with the board lately. Just want to say congratulations on all your beautiful purchases recently everyone and may you all enjoy them in good health. Big kiss 2 u all x
  2. ebruo, I hope it's nothing serious and wish you quick recovery!:flowers: Your new purchase sounds divine!:heart: Can't wait to see pics. Take care.
  3. i hope you get better soon! can't wait to see the pics when you're feeling up to it!
  4. Feel better, EBRUO! And I adore those shawls too......don't blame you one bit for buying another!!!!!
  5. May you have a smooth operation & quick recovery. Hope you have brought your new shawl with you to the hospital to keep you warm.

    I agree with you, H cashmere shawls are so addictive :sweatdrop:.
  6. Hope you are okay now? and your scarf sounds yummie.
  7. Aww, feel better soon. I hope your shawl cheers you up.
  8. I hope you are feeling better, and wear your shawl in GREAT health. Happy holidays and come back soon!
  9. Hope you're feeling better! So excited to see your new shawl. I love brides de gala.
  10. Ebruo ~ Sending Lots Of Sweet Wishes Your Way:heart:

    Brides de Gala Cashmere Shawl In Black, Cream & Gold ~ Simply Gorgeous & Ebruo You Only Deserve The Best:yes:
  11. Please feel better soon, ebruo!
  12. Best wishes, Ebruo dear. Can't wait to see you back and posting regularly.
  13. speedy recovery!
  14. ebruo, I hope you have fast recovery. :smile: Congrats on your shawl. :smile: :heart:
  15. Feel better!