Couldn't resist the temptation

  1. I've just received both the Gold (226) and Dark Silver (227) today and am so in love with both. It was really a case of 'wanting one but not being able to let go of the other.' Initially I planned to only get the gold one, but really could not resist the lure of the Dark Silver because they are both gorgeous in different ways. So... here are my new loves :heart:
  2. WOW congrats they are simply stunning!
  3. Wow, congrats!! They are stunning.
  4. Gorgeous! Congrats.
  5. Beautiful! Congratulations!
  6. [​IMG]

    Super pretty!! Congrats!!!
  7. beautiful! congrats!
  8. Just gorgeous....good choice...I wouldn't be able to decide either...glad you got both!!!
  9. they look so cute together - congrat's!
  10. they're BOTH stunning! congrats!
  11. very pretty bags! they look great, congrats
  12. They are lovely. You are one lucky lady. Wear them well.:woohoo:
  13. beautiful bags
  14. Fabulous bags! Enjoy!!
  15. Great choices. You truly have all your bases covered with these 2 bags...enjoy!