Couldn't resist the katelyn sneakers!

  1. Oh geez, I'm further fueling my b&w sig overload, but I just could NOT resist the katelyn sneakers in...yep b&w sig. :shame: I'm tired of my white sneakers and hardly wear them anymore anyway. Woo hoo!! :wlae:

  2. welcome to the Katelyn family!!!

    i have 2 and working on my 3rd pair...I LOVE THESE SHOES!!!!!!!
  3. cute, congrats! :tup:
  4. I have the BW as well. These are the most comfortable shoes I own!!! You'll love them!
  5. how comfortable are they?? are they reall narrow?? I have wider feet so i want to make sure they fit okay
  6. They are adorable!!!
  7. i have a bronze pair of the katelyn...i always get compliments :smile:
  8. Congrats, I have the same pair and they are the cutest most comfy shoes I own!
  9. I want these!!!!
  10. Very nice!!!
  11. I have a white pair and they are super comfortable and weigh nothing!! Congrats!!!!
  12. I have these also and love them!!!
  13. I have the black sig with the silver toe (dept store exclusive I think) & they are wonderful! I've been very pleased!
  14. Aren't the Katelyn sneakers the best?! I have the black/white pair and the brown pair, I LOVE them. I think they are the most comfortable sneakers I own.

  15. I like the B&W ones too!! Congratulations!!