Couldn't resist Pomme d'Amour...

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  1. Ah the display at the store made everything look so gorgeous I had to get something, so last night bought the small agenda. I was going to get a cles, but was contemplating getting an agenda so why not get the new red! I bought the inserts even though I know I should've got cheaper ones somewhere else but anyway they gave me the left over 2006 refills too so I took out all the plain paper and stickers.

    I saw the white mc heart shaped coin purse, so cute, but for $330 don't think so, plus I don't like carrying change anyway.

    I asked about the vernis heart shaped coin purse and the SA said I should've came the other day because they're sold out! :wtf: She said a customer came in to complain that another store was selling it so they started selling it, although they weren't suppose to until next month, and it was gone fast but they're getting more shipment in later.
    agenda.jpg agenda1.jpg agendaopen.jpg
  2. wow your agenda is outrageous!! I love have such good taste!!

    thanks for the Pomme i will definitely make sure to put my name down for one tomorrow!
  3. Congratulations.
  4. Yummy! It is so lovely!
  5. Congrats. It's lovely.
  6. so pretty!!! congrats!
  7. Oh NNNNNOOOO!!!! What store did you go to? I am back at work and can't get out to town until maybe Saturday. Did they let you get on a list?!!!! Maybe I'll take off work tomorrow and trek out!!!! I am giving my husband the evil eye because I told him to get me on the list for the coin purse!!!!
  8. very pretty!
  9. Ooooooooooo beautiful!
  10. thanks ladies :flowers:

    I went to Ala Moana. No I didn't get on the list, don't think I'm going to pay that much for a coin purse but just wanted to see it irl.
  11. congrats! so pretty!
  12. 0o0o congrats!!! Its such a FAB colour!!!
  13. Amazing! I am in love with this color! Does anyone know if the vernis mini agenda comes in it too?
  14. Congratulations on your gorgeous agenda!!! I love this new red, too! I went to NM a couple of days to see this new vernis color --- wow, it is definitely TDF!! Lucky you for getting the agenda!
  15. congrats!