Couldn't resist Magenta!!!!

  1. So, I thought I would just check eBay before I went to bed and saw a magenta weekender for £566!! :yahoo:I couldn't resist, and bought her!! I really shouldn't have but I couldn't resist the magenta!!
    Will post pics as soon as she arrives!!
  2. congrats, yes, don't forget the pics!!!
  3. I saw her on eBay! Beautiful. I want a magenta bag, but I'm looking for a shrug or hobo.
  4. Congrats! That bag will be TDF!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  5. Welcome to the Pink side.
  6. congrats and welcome to the magenta club! can't wait to see photos.
  7. Congratulations!! Enjoy, magenta is such a pretty color.
  8. Thanks girls!! :heart::heart:I have always loved Magenta, but never really knew which style to get....the weekender should be a great size! I have one in pale rose, but I was always too scared to get her dirty!!:yes:
  9. I came "this" close to buying that bag...(and I already have a magenta weekender :roflmfao: )

    Congrats on buying one of the best Balenciaga bags ever!!! (and saving me from doing BIN)
  10. You really were about to lose this to Live!!!~ I know that!!! So happy for you!!! Great bag in a stunning color!!!!!!!
  11. ^^ Thanks Zac, Aw, I was kind of waiting for someone else to get it but I just fell in love with the colour!
    live, so you have a magenta weekender already! You lucky girl, can you post some pics to keep me going till she arrives?:love:
  12. Here you go! Honestly, I was THIS close to buying "your" weekender....When it comes to magenta, I have no restraint ;)

  13. ^^^YOU'RE KILLING ME!!!~ must make you so much more excited Handbag!!!:yahoo:
  14. LOL...the picture looks a little weird, the color of the bag is even, not two toned like the picture makes it look...must have been the flash.

    Zac - you NEED some magenta, girl!!!
  15. OMG!!! Thanks so much're the best, she is SOOO beautiful, I can see why you wanted another one!!!:cutesy::yahoo:
    Zac, you're am I going to sleep now I know how amazing she will be.....:flowers: