Couldn't resist 55% sale @ Dillards!!!!

  1. So here just a photo post of my new stuff...

    This is my dillards purchase today.. it was 119! I couldn't pass it up
    eBay buy for 129


    Another eBay buy for 119

    Coach collection...MIA: Bronze demi hobo...same color as shoes
    Entire Collection...MIA: Fendi and Burberry

    My boyfriend laughs at the collection I have amassed...he says its pretty ridiculous since I'm only 19...oh the future possibilities
  2. wow!! great buys!! and lovely collection!!
  3. awesome collection, great buys :biggrin:
  4. ohh nice deals! I love that lilac tote.. its a stunning color!! congrats
  5. Great bags & awesome deals!Congrats!!
  6. Love the Bleecker Sig Flap Hobo! They must not have been a hit because Coach marked them down on their website before Christmas and the outlets have been selling them really cheap. I'm temped to grab one on eBay. Saw one go for $79 last night WITH tags! I think is a sweet bag, perfect size.
  7. Nice buys!
  8. Great collections.
  9. Wow you have a great collection and you got some awesome deals today!!!
  10. great deals!!!!! :tup:
  11. very cute! And that is an incredible collection for your age!!! :tup:
  12. OMG!! i LOVE your chocolate! i didn't know it came in all choco.. what a find!
  13. Nice collection and great buys!!!