Couldn't pass this up

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  1. I really need to fall back now and stay out of the outlet. Had an excuse to go back to the mall to return some sunglasses at another store. Ended up finding a nice tortoise pair that suits my face a lot better.(Sucker for tortoise shell and my first pair of sunglasses that are not $9.99 lol) Wandered back into clearance and saw this beauty next to a gold kristin hobo. This is my second Kristin bag and first white bag. I will save her until next Spring to use. The sunnies I am using now lol:biggrin: Scored the bag for $139.00 as it was 50% off and I used the coupon that was out.

    This is it for me for this year with coach. Got everything I wanted and don't need anything else for a long time.

  2. that is great, what an awesome find, congrats
  3. Wow!!! Great find at a great price!!! Congrats.
  4. I love Kristin! That's a beautiful bag! I love the white against the silver.
  5. cute bag! enjoy it.
  6. Cute! This style is definitely classic :smile:
  7. Thanks ladies. I may apple her and apply rain/stain guard before I put her away. White anything makes me nervous but I still wanted it.
  8. I understand about the fear of white bags, but the crazy thing is....for some reason I seem to GRAVITATE towards them. I just like how they look. I have a white Legacy tote, white Legacy Mandy Courier, white charm tote, and the ivory Hamptons flap. I just try to be really careful with them, and not wear them with really dark jeans or black pants, etc.
  9. Love it!! Great find for sure! Cute sunnies too! I need some!
  10. Great price!! Congrats!
  11. super cute!
  12. Love the Kristin satchel and it looks so pretty in white with silver! Congrats!
  13. congrats on your new bag...its so white :nuts: i think it would be crazy to pass up on this bag! makes me want to go get on right now!
  14. I wouldn't have passed it up either. The kristen looks great in white! Great haul!
  15. I love, love, love Kristin! Congratz on such a great deal ;)