Couldn't pass this Dior up!

  1. I know it's small - 13" x 6.5", can't hold much,but I thought this was a classic. What do you think?:P
    Picture 021.jpg Picture 019.jpg Picture 020.jpg
  2. Love the colour, and the flowers ! You have the most beautiful bags ! :biggrin:
  3. Pretty one. I like it.
  4. Is this a new Dior collection?
  5. Are you kidding me? It's from Neiman Marcus,I also bought this other detective Dior but was embarrassed to show two. Now I guess I'll show you another authentic one, fron NM aswell.
    more handbags 012.jpg more handbags 019.jpg more handbags 015.jpg
  6. I see you edited your last thread.... It's the 2005-2006 collection.
  7. Forgive me, they are from Saks, not NM, I buy alot of bags.
  8. Thanks Ayla.:love:
  9. i like it. personally i would love to have this in white.
  10. ^^^They have a white for s/s 06, it has this pastel embroidery :biggrin:

    Nice bags@!
  11. amazing!!!
    Noriko do you have pictures for this white one????
  12. Sure do:

  13. Pretty! :love: Love the color.
  14. The denim Dior is perfect as a cute summer bag:P
  15. That brown one was on my wish list! :love: Gawgeous!
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